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Just a couple more pictures of the Iroc concept that is “supposed” to look like the next Scirocco.
I still call this a 2 door wagon by the way…

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  1. What does Iroc mean in German?

    Here IROC means International Race of Champions and is associated with Camaro’s & later Daytona’s.

  2. they take a “14,000 dollar”(and change) car, add flashy interior(wow), and add a bigger engine, adn charge 26K? For(like Vince said, & is correct)a “2 door wagon”, a slightly stretched Rabbit!
    What a waste of 26K.
    You want 200+ HP? Buy a turbo, and put it on the tC for under 20K.

    Waste of my $$$$ if I got this for 26 K!

  3. Like so many other recent Volkswagens, this will probably be priced to instill second thoughts in any buyer….thoughts such as; “Why don’t I just get an Audi or BMW instead since I’m already paying $35k+ for this hatchback?”

  4. It seems like people are arguing several different points.

    1. Do some folks like this car? Yes. No.

    2. Would they buy one? No. Yes. Maybe. Who cares?

    3. Is it worth it? Some say yes, and then shut the f*ck up if it makes them happy. This ain’t about you.

    Let’s keep this in focus, kids.


  5. For being a bunch of “Car Enthusiasts” some of you complain a whole hell of a lot.

    Is it supposed to be the fastest car out there? No, VW’s never have been. Is it going to be the cheapest car in its class? No, VW’s never have been. What it is going to be is a rather luxurious, well put together, sporty, all around-er.

    I think this looks fabulous, especially from the rear. Its bold, but without being brash. There is a very small class of $25K-$30K sporty coupes. Visually, I like this much more than the Ford Mustang GT, its much more practical than the Nissan 350Z and hits all of the same highlights as the Mazda RX-8 (seating for 4, unique engine, refined dynamics), but with a bigger trunk and damn near 40mpg.

  6. “well put together”

    I don’t think so.
    That has been their main problem for years. These car seem great in the show room, but one thing they are not, is “well put together”

  7. MY 99 VW feels more solid than any any Honda out there.
    But the front of the new IROC doesn’t look too VW to me.

  8. That must have taken you quite some time to drive “any any Honda out there” to be able to compare them to your VW.

  9. Vince, I concur w/you!
    VW makes almost any other maker look good right now!
    The VW Rabbit gets 30MPGhwy…. so how is a turboed version , 210 HP, orr whatever, gonna get 40mpg, if the normally aspirated 150HP I-5 can’t get but maybe within 10 miles of 40MPG?
    Where do people find these “facts”?
    If you got something dsaying this car gets nearly 40MPG… please, feel free to share the link to the story/information.


  10. I had no problem with the idea of a third TT model with the “shooting brake” rear end shown on their TT concept.. but adding it to a supposed Scirocco spiritual successor is just a lazy styling effort by VW group. In fact, they even went so far to stress that the Iroc’s green paint is the same shade as the original — unfortunately that is the ONLY stylistic element that ties it to the Scirocco.

    If I wanted a more expensive GTI with an ugly front end and a lower version of the same exact roofline, I’d go have it chopped myself.

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