2006 Paris Auto Show

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Just a short not about the upcoming Paris Auto show.

I had the chance to go there 4 years ago (it does seem like last year…) And it was a great experience.
I really wish I could go this year…
Not only for the cool cars, but also the people, the city etc..

It also opened m eyes about the car industry. And how much the car magazines around the world are pretty much owned by the car companies.
You should see the amount of free stuff. The food was incredible. They hired the best caterers in the country. (and we’re talking about France)
Each car maker had an amazing buffet and a full bar!
That’s right, a full bar open and free to any member of the press. The whole event was hosted by very friendly and beautiful babes from every country you can think of. ( I still remember this gorgeous German woman explaining me how to work the cupholder in the VW Phaeton…)
You can imagine the atmosphere after lunch!

Most of these “press guys” told me this was the best part of their jobs. Going around the world, from carshow to carshow. With all the free stuff, food, booze and the babes.

No wonder you rarely see a really bad review in a car magazine…

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  1. Especially since many reporters are flown to the international auto shows at the auto manufacturers expense to begin with. It’s not uncommon for reporters to be flown in to ensure full press conferences and proper coverage.

  2. The easiest thing in the world is to be a critic, to see the tree and loose the woods. Being a car journalist (in Europe) myself, let me assure you I know my stuff. Most of my colleagues are underpaid -for your information I get a 1.000$ A MONTH not A WEEK, we work for 12 to 14 hours a day -sometimes even six times a week. And the trips? It’s a needle in a haystack. Why do we do it? Surely not to lick the ass of any car manufacture but because we’re in love and very passionate for what we do.
    Of course getting a free trip to drive a new car is fun. But don’t think we drive Ferraris or Lamborghinis though, or at least not the majority of us. Whatever car we test, we write what we believe. Maybe not in the way you would like to hear it, but nevertheless we do.
    As for car show’s, let me share my memories with you from last trip. At last year’s Geneva Show, I woke up at 3 am after leaving work at 11 pm (make the math), went to the airport at 430 am, left at 600 am for Geneva. Did I mention there was a transit? I arrived in Geneva about 11 am. What time did I leave? 5 pm. Yes, I was at the Show for a “rocking” 6 hours running around like crazy with a photographer to get all the shots. Of course don’t even mention about getting into any of those fascinating cars or for that matter, not even any car you see in the glitzy magazines. Plane left at 730 pm, and I was home, or at the airport to be exact, at 12.00 am. Next day up at 8am to go and write the Show. Wow, I don’t know how to cope with all that fun…
    Of course there are reporters who go to a show, sit for 2 days all expenses paid, go home and write how sexy that Kia Picanto was. But, they are a minority among us and one shoule NEVER GENERALIZE.
    It’s like saying that all bloggers are a bunch of stealers and copycats. I think you’re getting my drift. So, if you want to be critic Vince, I think you should start from yourself and your site. How many times have you “stolen” pics from other sites, from people who spent hours and hours in front of a pc to find that shot, that scoop without you referring them as the MAJORITY of blogs and forums do? But because you do it, that doesn’t mean that I’ll say all Bloggers are stealers….

    Thank you for your time- JJ

  3. I guess you’re not one of these “lucky guys” I met at the Auto Show.
    These guys were all going to all the shows around the world.
    And all of them couldn’t care less about cars.
    I am sure your case is different. But I can only talk about people I actually ,met.

    Lots of the pictures on this blog are official stuff from manufacturers. And some others are actually my own pictures.
    I even see my pictures on other sites,the ones I took. With or without reference.

    You seem to describe your job as something horrible with no pay. The way you talk about it you might have more fun getting a desk job at a bank.

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