2007 Citroen Picasso

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The C4 Picasso that was just introduced a few weeks ago seats 7.
This one, just like the “old” Picasso, will seat only 5.

And it does look much better, less Minivan like.
And a bit more like the previous model.

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  1. I wished the Suzuki Sx4 looked more like this since it has the A looking pillar towards the front of the car and the size is just right. Maybe the next fully made Suzuki XL-7 (After the current design that is shared with GM) will look more like this too.

  2. Every time I visit Europe I fall back in love with every Citroen I see.

    Does anyone know of any talk to bring Citroen to the United States?

  3. No word on Citroen back into the states…
    Too bad.

    A few years ago I heard that Peugeot (who owns Citroen) was maybe thinking of coming back. By actually bringing Citroen over instead of Peugeot.
    But that was years ago, and nothing since.

    Peugeot is making tons of money and doesn’t really want to spend the fortune it would take to bring cars over here.
    Basically, they don’t need the US .
    And with the huge Chinese market, they’ll need us less and less…

  4. Seems like a Yaris and Sienna mixed together … I don’t see anything that incredible or spectacular about this design, but it does look pretty good, just not revolutionary or “less minivan like”.

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