2007 Ford Mondeo

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It does look really nice. Nothing amazing, but still. Compare this to the US Fusion.
I like the Fusion by the way, I just think it needs a better interior.. Like..This one?

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  1. This Mondeo looks much better than our Fusion. Vince: I dun think exterior and interior design can get any better than this, at least not in a midesize family sedan. And as a Euro Ford, you can bet it will be fun to drive too.

  2. I forgot to mention that the top engine might be a 2.5 liter 5 cylinder. Instead of a V6.
    That sure sounds like a Volvo engine doesn’t it?

  3. This looks great, and I was about to say I was amazing to see Ford putting such a vehicle into production … until I realized it was a concept. Expectedly, the production version will be toned down, but all in all exterior and interior are definitely better than out Fusion … just like Euro Focus is better than the ancient US Focus … anyone notice a pattern yet?

  4. Looks like a Cee’D knock off, witha Ford front end!
    The interior is excellent, but will we see this in the USA(if the past is any indication, the answer will be NO!).
    Honestly, folks….
    does Ford have a clue what people really want in the USA these days?

  5. Here’s an idea: Fusion: price it 15,599-19,999(and then the new 500 coming out 19,599-24,599, (unless you get AWD version).
    I know, asking too much(the 500 was around 21K+ before Fusion came out, then then added 1000 to msrp over night(local Ford dealership told me it was ot make them more ” different”..so they added 1000 over night, practically! Nothing changed, but the MSRP!).
    They could do it, but most likely won’t.
    G6 , Sonata, Optima, even Malibu, have been on sale for 16K, to 20KK fairly loaded up recently…
    Not Fusion.
    If the Fusion looked like this(at least, interior-wise) then what they are currently asking may be worth the price!

    I thought labor in Mexico cost less than in South Korea, even, yet, we pay prices as if built in USA! How much more would this version be?

  6. Well done on getting this one up, Vince. And I can confirm the 2·5-litre lump is the Volvo one. It’s already in the top Focus (C307).

  7. Hey Vince, on the subject of the Fusion.

    Next time get a good look at the interior, then compare it to a 1998 Honda Civic.

    In fact, compare the whole car layout. You’ll see the Fusion is a very close copy of a 1990’s Honda…

    If you can’t beat ’em….

  8. “it look like a mazda6 to me too.. everything
    front, exterior, interior”

    It has a front, exterior and interior. Just like a Mazda 6. It also has four wheels and tail lights. Sooo similar! It’s amazing how many cars follow that general design concept.

  9. It looks nice but I won’t buy it because it is a Ford. And probably will be assemble in Mexico with parts from China and like someone else mentioned before, we will pay like it was built in the US.
    Ford is in worse shape than GM.
    To me they made their own bed.
    I lost so much money thru the years buying American cars.
    Now days they are American brand names.
    Honda and Toyota are American built.
    Ford and GM, YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. “In fact, compare the whole car layout. You’ll see the Fusion is a very close copy of a 1990’s Honda…”

    I suppose I see that a little bit. The 90s Accords were beautiful in a functional kind of way. The current ones are styling disasters. With the exception of the tail lamps, the Fusion is a very smart and sharp looking car.

  11. It looks nice and i would buy it BECAUSE its a ford. it would feel great to actually get a decent product from an american carmaker.

  12. Yes, I agree. The Fusion interior looks like it came from the 1980’s. It is pretty anachronistic.

    Also, I notice that JadaToys has made a DubCity 1/24th scale diecast model of the Fusion. I walked into my local drugstore and I also noticed that Maisto has made a 1/24th scale diecast model of the Fusion. What’s up with this? The Fusion is cool, but I can’t imagine why someone would want this car as a collectible.

  13. it looks like a wagon version of fords current euro cars, mazda 6 no, or anything else,very creative interior amazing how ford europes cars are so much nicer than ours, but they do have tougher competition but maybe ford would do better if ford looked at their american compeition the same way as they do european

  14. Having read the comments I had a look at the Ford America site. How long has the Fusion been on sale it looks very similar to the Mondeo I bought in 2004 which has been on sale in the UK since 2000 Your current Focus went on sale here in 1998 and US 2008 model has been available here since 2005. If its any consolation my Mondeo cost $30000 US new and has a 1.8 litre engine. The top equivalent model to a Fusion today would cost you over $45000 US in the UK (more than double)

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