2007 Ford Mondeo

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Before we can even see real life picture of the “concept”, this production ready model was caught during a photo shoot.
I cannot tell for sure if it is the 4 or 5 door model.
But it does looks really nice. We are talking about a mid priced family sedan here.

Ford needs to consolidate its line up and sell the same cars in both side of the Atlantic. With maybe one larger car (500 size) for the US.
They do have everything they need to succeed.
They’re just too stupid to use it…

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  1. Beautiful…looks like a Mazda6 5 door slept with an Acura TL. But like you said vince they are just too stupid to consolidate their product line. Even if it costs more initially, it is better than to loose money because of a crappy product.

  2. i agree ford europes cars look like vw competitors inside and out upscale interiors and exteriors never understood why ford didnt position itself the same way over here, its interiors from what ive seen of course never been in one, look as nice or nicer than the toyotas and hondas seems foolish to not bring your best to a fight, especially where your losing the battle

  3. A 5 door(if that is this, which it appears to be)like this, even if starting price is 20K, would be worth it(and it does NOT look like a wagon, yet, if it is a hatch, can be as usful, and more stylish that ANY wagon I have seen recently).

    Ford is a trip(a bad one).

    They have this GREAT car overseas, and give us the Fusion(it is acceptable, but this makes the Fusion looks like it shou;d be an entry level car, just that much difference in good looks).

    Since when did Ford get so extremely stupid!?

    Ford needs a blog like GM has …. and actually read it…or read comments such as on Vince’s blog.

  4. I know for a fact that some Ford people read this site. (I was in contact with a couple of them)

    But I’m not sure it makes that much of a difference.

    Most people who comment on sites aren’t really representative of the buying public.
    I cannot count how many people bash the Camry here.
    Calling it dull, boring, a car only old people buy etc…
    Yet this is the best selling car in the country year after year.

    I don’t think car makers care that much about what is being said. they care about what is being done.

  5. That looks really nice. I have always been impressed with the ride and drive of Fords european based cars. The focus rides and handles better then my 06 Accord but they would have a hard time getting my money with the ultra cheap interiors that Ford uses.

  6. i never noticed the TL-like crease until you mentioned it, andrew!

    i think the new mondeo does bring (watered down) iosis styling cues but mixed with a bit of the new IS – which is not a bad thing.

    i actually like the exterior of the Fusion. it’s the interior that makes me wince.

    the camry is solid, practical and generally reliable – what a good appliance is. and that’s what most people want out of a car, methinks.

  7. Ford People (if you’re reading this):

    You need to get the Mondeo over here, NOW. I know people who won’t touch an American car with a ten foot pole. This will change all that. The reason why US automakers are ailing is because, let’s face it, they just aren’t making cars people WANT. Drop the whole “badge engineered” Mercury lineup, and replace those gussied up Fords with products that are exciting and unique, like this one. That would be the real “Way Forward”. I want to buy American so bad, but there is nothing out there that I think stacks up against the foreign competition. Stop trying to play “catch up” and trying to make products “as good” as the foreign companies…you need to go beyond the competition to win peoples attention back. If you can do that, there will be a huge revival of the American car.

  8. This car looks fantastic!

    And it really goes to show how detailing makes a huge difference. The lowerbody trim, and aluminimum trim on the front and rear bumpers, all enhance an already really good looking car.

    Sure Fusion has nice overall shape, but it has no detailing on the outside and inside.

    If they bring this over here, Ford will find a lot of first time Ford buyers.

  9. I agree that it’s big mistery why Ford can’t succeed with this car or Euro Focus, etc.

    I’m afraid the answer might lies deep beneath Ford US management.
    Them (Ford US) accepting EU or AU cars and sell them here in the US, would be like accepting defeat & acknowledging that they suck!

    All and all, the way it is today is good for Ford US employee’s job security, but bad for the company image & most importantly, bad for us consumers.

    Is it the US management? Is it the union? Who knows…

  10. they should bring this in as the mercury milan, and replace the
    current ford fusion with the current mercury milan.

  11. This car is much better looking then the new Camry and 07 Altima. I would actually look at this car. I would have never said that before until I drove my dads 2001 Focus, due to its great handling and driving pleasure. I say this because it has much better handling than my moms 2006 Corolla and my roommates Civic. Even though it has a smaller engine, I have no trouble of keeping up with them. If Ford cars in Europe are all sportier felling then the compitition, they would definitly be on the top of my list, even if it had a smaller engines comparted to the Camry, Altima or Accord. Look how good the Euro only Focus is doing.

  12. Not bad—and I can see those Iosis cues in this. Well spotted, Vince—another good scoop.
       Anonymous no. 9 is right. Dearborn is mired in politics, which is why the Contour failed—the US arm never marketed it, because it was a European car, and you Americans got the Taurus and last-generation Focus instead. Then, the North American division could say, ‘See, we told you the European stuff couldn’t sell here,’ all while people looking for that size of car paid a premium for a BMW 3-series.
       That won’t change till Ford stares collapse in the face, and I am not sure if it realizes just how bad its situation is.

  13. Anonymous no. 10, I have always thought that Mercury would be the brand in the US that could sell some of these imports. In the 1980s and 1990s, I thought the Mazda 626-based Ford Telstar could have had Mercury badges: at least it was NHTSA-approved. This was the Fusion–Milan formula.
       Plus, Ford sells (in China) a version of the CD132 Mondeo with a more formal grille that would work for Mercury (so call it the Mystique)—it also once sold a version of the Escape with a waterfall grille not unlike that of the other models in the Mercury range. The resources are there, but Ford refuses to deploy them for internal politicking reasons.

  14. I know what you mean. The Focus is a very nice driving car.
    But I think the “new ” interior from a couple of years back ruined it.

  15. ford is dioing jsut fime without you geniuses!

    the fusion is at least as good as this new one.
    they’re both great fif you ask me
    ford and gm will be fine don’t worry about them

    tonight good old us eineken ids is king!
    and ford sends the new focus to maxivco because it is not as good as the one we get over her.
    that’s all. logica l moove

  16. I cannot tell for sure if it is the 4 or 5 door model
    you can’t see the hatchback line above the rear window that is 6 inches higher ??? its the 5 door !

  17. I keep saying it… Ford should really pull a Saturn and bring their European vehicles into the States as Mercury. Bring the C1 Focus (entire line), S-Max, this Mondeo, and maybe even the Austrailian Falcon Ute… and you’d have a model range of cars that are unique and worth a bit of a premium for… as opposed to rebadging current US Ford models and charging a premium for a waterfall grill.

    I mean hell they could even make a hell of a business case out of bringing over C1 Focus product to the states in one of the many overcapacity plants they have, and produce it along side the Mazda3 (Mazda would love some extra capacity for that model… they can’t build enough, or any more currently)…

    But no, what will we get… Gillette Razor grilled 500s and Freestyles… and then they will wonder how come no one is buying their crap?

  18. Vince, speaking about Toyota, the CEO of the company said that American car companies don’t understand what the public wants. The Camry might not be the best designed car, but reliability is what sells them.
    As for Ford, the can save money if they build the Euro
    models here in the U.S. All they need to do is re-tool
    the Lincoln Town car factory up in Michigan and build them, or save money by building them side by side with the locally made Mazda 6 and Mustang in Flatrock.
    All Town cars will be now made in Canada.

  19. vince i would agree and disagree one the camry is boring and ultra conservative i wouldnt never want but at the same time, the current generation didnt attemp to have more memorable sporty unique styling. so someone was listening to someone complain about the way camry looks, you would think with as good as they sell they wouldnt even bother or take the risk of losing customers but they did. the thing is that at the end of the day a car is just a car, so most could care less about 0-60 and all that but reliabilty practicality things that matter with cars in life. but the goal seems to combine the non important stuff with the important stuff so i think they are listening but must also deal with core values, and what made the cars a success in the first place.

  20. The new Mondeo is a nice looking car, but I think the Fusion is better looking. it says “American Car” more than the Mondeo. Of course if Ford did bring the Mondeo as is to The States, some of the “experts” here would still find a reason to hate it.

  21. Excellent car we won’t see here in the USA.
    Too bad. It’s just enough to perhaps convince me to pull onto a Ford lot!
    And I do not think they will build that decent concept(or a version of it) the Refl3x, either.

    Keep pushing the trucks!
    Someday…. when gas is 1.50, or less, per gallon, the good times will come back, right?(and the 10-15 K per SUV profits Big 2.5 thrived on in the 90’s).

    Here’s hoping that the new CEO is smarter than the rest of the gents currently ru(i)ning Ford.

    Take Care/Not Offense.
    To anyone from Ford reading this:
    I am just a long time car buyer… I know what I like, I like this.

    Also, consider some form of the Ford Refl3x concept vehicle. Chrysler is working on that Hornet deal…. where’s you smaller-than-Focus vehicle?( Even GM has the Aveo, a smaller car).

  22. Ford have indeed tried running with Euro cars in the US, and always end up burned. Merkur, Capri (the coupe, not the Australian thing), Mystique and Contour all come to mind. Somehow when they do it they seem to foul up the original concepts when they translate them to the US market. BMW can sell essentially the same car in Europe as in the US. Why does Ford US have to mess with their Euro cars?

  23. For years, we were all content to buy whatever detroit put on the table. No longer are we willing to take what they think we should have.there are to many great cars out there that don’t come from detroit. Ford and GM both are slow in seeing what is just infront of them. Until they do, they are doomed to failure. I just bought a mazda. My first foreign adventure. I love the car. Not settling for second best anymore. FORD, WAKE UP!

  24. Congratulations on your Mazda!
    Which one did you get?

    I drove (and did a test) a Mazda6 last year and really loved it.
    The Fusion is a good car, but I still like the Mazda better.

  25. for the person who said “this car is ugly”.. go buy a malibu, then(LOL) or the upcoming Sebring.

    As for the Mazda purchase: my motherinlaw has a 1997 Mazda protege DX, wiuth 80-90K on it. Only problem is 75 dollars to get the interlocking deal fixed for the automatic tranny shifter.

    Now, they are getting rid of this car because (my fathe rin law hates it, because he “dislikes” fwd, and also I PICKED THIS CAR OUT…he bad mouthed it, when it had issues, RAN his mouth saying’japanese junk”…. funny thing…. it was 75 dollars-1 day repair,,, and his now wrecked jeep gran dcherokee laredo? 107,000 miles, last year, 3,5000 worth of repairs for new tranny, what a know it all jerk he is. Every time I see him, my chest hurts i get so ticked at his arrogance)in law ran off the road and rolled his jeep(he is takin ghis wife’s car, and gettign a fewe dollars for his SUV he wants, which will give him 3 used cars,yet, the “genius” complains he’s always broke, and can’t afford 1 new vehicle! Ummmm…. he’s dense as London Fog people, yet, he has a masters degree in Engineering/ design).

    Your mazda should last until the end of eternity(well, maybe not that long)…but a good while w/o anything major happening to it.

    Hey, ya know what, this is your first foreign car? Wish my inlaws would quit being brain dead sheepeople.
    You can put a suit on a monkey, and it’s still a monky(although it might look funny,lol).
    Good for you. Congrats on buying what you want, not what the people in your neighborhood buy(in my area, everyone but us drives GM products, and they won’t talk to us because we are “Evil”, and hurting GM workers! Whatever).

    I told them i buy what I like( and that Honda has open door hiring in Ohio,where GM says”if you know someone in the factroy, they can get you an application, and bring it back to us, first”(closed door hiring).
    So…what incentive is there agin to buy the Cobalt(LOL..see Vince’s Cobalt report earlier this year, and the pictures of how junky it looked).
    Ford seems ok, but when we(my spouse and I) attended the autoshow, she asked(of fusion) Is this a 13-15K MSRP car?”
    It was 20K+(the interior looked 13K price range, if they were lucky).

    I told them, ya make the payments, i’ll drive whatever ya tell me ta drive!


  26. Welll, since Ford thinks it’s cool to keep the Focus here in the USA for a decade….I don’t lok forward to anything from overseas here soon, or ever.Hey, “jones”(whomever you are!)…. please translate, into English, what you posted earlier?Half of it looked like this(example) hidfnbao will do fine!HUNH!?Not attackin’ ya, but stuff like “weqhuporg3lk” means nothing to most of us who are reading English, lol ;-)Fusion looks good, not a bad car, but the interior…. No Thanks.https://www.theautochannel.com/news/2006/09/22/022646.htmlthis thing says that Ford could fall to 14 percent, from 17 today,market share; and that ya had 26% of the market in USA in 1995!Ya wanna avoid 14%? BRING cars like this over, or reasonable facsimiles!If Hyundai/Kia can turn around,in 5 years(or was it less?)then Ford should be able to, if they do the right things.

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