2007 Fuel Cell Chevrolet Equinox

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Now for something really futuristic: a fuel cell Chevy.

This is, of course, only a test. And just 100 of these will be produced for 2007.

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  1. Come on, 100 should have been built 12 years ago.
    Today, there should be being made to combat those greedy oil bastards and the crap that comes out of the tail pipe that we breathe in.
    I really wonder if these companies are help keeping Bin-Laden alive. Sorry to offend those who had loves ones that passed away or those who went to the Middle East with such a direct statement, but think about it.

  2. first poster had the comment correct. Chevy seems to be 10-12 years behind(Toyota, Honda).
    SUV, too?
    Ummmmm… Ever notice how not even Ford has a Hybrid CAR?
    Greed, is all it is. SUV’s, they can rip you off, run the price up.

    A hybrid car at 23K like a Prius?
    Where are they?
    Don’t seem ’em!
    Why? Low to no profits, or worse, they might lose money on each hybrid car(hey, they lose money anyways…why not go for the high road, and look good, while losing money?).

    figures. A company that brags about a 35MPG AVEO, when rio gets 38(also from S Korea) and the Civic gets 40(or more) and Fit gets 41-42MPG.
    Cobalt gets 34, and new G5 said 32MPG on their EPA on window sticker(whiel the new Elantra is 36-37MPG, and next Corolla is rumored at least 40 MPG w/ automatic).

    Day late, dollar short!
    Bring on the Hybrid Car, Then I’ll Be Impressed.

  3. first the hybrid car is not some new breakthrough concept, according to many sources hybrids “over the long run” unless you plan on getting a new car every 1 or 2 years do not recoup the extra money over their gasoline counterparts, and their mpg in the real world not epa are no where near what they claim. and i seriously doubt that toyota is losing money on the prius a $23,000 prius has to be profitable or they wouldnt making them period…adding an electric motor to an already in use gasoline engine cant be that much more expensive to produce or toyota wouldnt be doing that for everything and neither would other companies being do it……how poor it is to be so easily impressed ignorrance breeds ignorrance

  4. I agree … that new front end is nice. The blackened bar makes the bow tie stand out, which has been a concern of Chevy’s since the logo gets lost in their chrome bars.

  5. Hybrids are overrated crap.

    2nd poster is correct. The Equinox MUST get that front end. It looks great!

  6. Go to Edmunds.com, new cars, look for Toyota, then Prius. There is a 2004(Still Ongoing) Long term test(Prius). MPG is up to (on some trips) 50.1 MPG combined(think combined?).
    40,000+ miles, as of May 2006, and they announced that they intend to keep it to 100,000 miles test drive.

    Have a neighbor(said it before on here, 12,000 times, it seems like)…. she is 58. had her Prius now nealry 30 months, 47,000 miles.
    The First 25,000 , she avg about 48 MPG combined(about 46 HWy, 50 city).
    OK, after 25,000 miles, she noticed the MPG went up(just like on Edmunds!)…..
    She now gets 52 city, 48 hwy…. and avg 50 MPG.

    Also, (I think it was Edmudns, or Detnews.com, from thus Summer). If gas were 1,50 per gallon, and over 5 years, the Prius(due to trade in-resale values being higher than most cars) made a 500-800 profit over a gas car(also, the thing is 23,000 dollars-28K….. Malibu is simialr msrp, maybe a grand less or two, if they have a Fire Sale),
    so, a Malibu(I-4?) getting what, 32-34MPG, or a Prius, getting 50 MPG(52 City, 48 Hwy)….Hmmmm.
    Wow, if both 23K!?
    Wow… what a difficult decision(LOL, NOT!).
    14-18 MPG difference per gallon!
    Oh, the batteries, people, rated for minimum of 150,000 miles.
    That is long enough for us to pay it off, and make a few $$$(18K miles per year x5=90,000 miles…still would have 60K miles left on battery, At Least!).

    Do what ya like, buy what ya like, it’s year $$$$.
    Next prius is rumored to hit 94MPG( the current one is 60MPG…but Edmudns can get 50.1, so even if the new Prius hits this mark, even if it “only” gets 84-85 MPG…and stays around 23-25K….What’s the problem? No GM SUV is gonna hit 50-60-or more, with a hybrid, hydrogen fuel cell, etc, for another 5-10 years, if they’re lucky).
    Remember, if Hyrdogen takes off, ya know prices will go up. May as well have High MPG vehicle.
    Hava A Good Week.

  7. adding an electric motor to an already in use gasoline engine cant be that much more expensive to produce

    The battery is what’s so expensive.

  8. The problem is (and hardly anyone knows this) they release CO2 while getting the Hydrogen. Wind power (ie. electric cars), People!

  9. All the “hybrids are crap” comments are simply too funny, because all hydrogen cars, including GM’s own current prototypes and test vehicles, have extensive electrical systems. Hybrids too, essentially, are extensive electrical systems.

    So it doesn’t take a genius to figure that an automaker with extensive hybrid experience will also have an advantage with hydrogen vehicles.

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