2007 Honda Si Sedan

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That’s right.
Just add 2 doors…

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  1. I thought the previous Civic was bland but the new one is improved by all expectations.
    The more I see of the new Civic, the more I like it–they’re everywhere in San Francisco now.
    Certainly the class leader by a wide margin and for aggressive drivers (I’m not) the new Si looks like a winner.

  2. Kinda of sad in a way.

    Chevy’s premium small car is the Colbalt. A decent car in its own right.

    But put a Cobalt SS sedan by this new Civic Si sedan.

    The difference in fit and finish, richness of materials, smoothness of powerplant, sound of the doors closing, ride, etc… are all in the Honda’s favor.

    This Civic is built in the USA (or close right?) So it’s not “lazy American worker” syndrome that hurts the Cobalt. Honda just designs better cars. Perhaps the best in the world.

    If Chevy had put as much effort into the Cobalt as they did the new pickups maybe it’d be a different story.

  3. Rumor has it that Si coupe was tuned by the US and the Si sedan was done in Japan as an answer to the coupe… so there might actually be some differences between the two other than two additional doors

  4. Yep, this should compete well at its price point. The MazdaSpeed 3 will bring some major competition to this car though, b/c it is very practical (a 5-door), and starts at $23,000 or so. Not a lot more dough for a lot more go.

  5. I hope they don’t price it much more than the 2 door version… maybe a few hundred more. But otherwise a very smart move by Honda. I’m sure a lot of people were just turned off by puny engine in the non-Si civics.

  6. I did not think that Honda could produce that many of the high-revving K-series engines to satisfy demand for a second body style? Regardless, I’m lovin’ it, McDonalds-style. In all-around performance, the Civic has it (in its class).

  7. woohoo. kudos to honda. i am glad they do not exclude people who wants a versatility of a sedan but a little bit of fun too. now all we need is a auto gear box! why not? ferrari has one too 🙂 inclusion inclusion…

  8. Eh…Not bad, but, it will probably be overpriced, as all Honda’s are, with the exception maybe the FIT, or a base model Civic.
    Honda needs to lower MSRP’s by 500-100p dallars, because they are making Toyota look “cheap”.

  9. Enough of these trendy phrases like Kudos…
    doesn’t anyone say “hats off” or “great job” anymore?

    Anyway, the JDM models look so much more nicer
    then our Saturn-like Hondas. Plus, they have much cooler features like paddle shifting steering, AWD,
    better looking seats, lights, power, etc.

    Go to http://www.honda.co.jp

  10. For anybody who wants more space, there is the 2006 Accord Sedan Si…I promise you it exists…just search CarDomain.com under 2006 HOnda Accord, there is a silver one there that’s quite nice.

    Anyway, I prefer the MazdaSpeed3…a lot more go like someone said.

  11. If you find this automobile attractive, your standards for appearance are not very high. The front of this car looks like a jizsaw puzzle that doesn’t quite fit together. Honda makes wonderful engines, it is hard to beat them and their quality control is as good as anyone, but alas their designers are Walmart level.

  12. Atomatic Transmission? Bullshit. Ferrari has one, but the 6-speed is so much better. Plus, you couldn’t get any of the power above, say, 4500rpm if you have a torque converter. Learn to use a clutch.

  13. We want Euro Civic Type R.


    Oh, and not as an RSX Type S. I don’t know why, but I think it’s better as a Honda.

  14. Excellent, beautiful car…but can we get it without the silly “fancy trunk handle spoiler” that only deflects dirt from the back bumper?

  15. Eh, I still think the Mazdaspeed 3 is much cooler and sportier looking. The proportions on the Civic are all wrong. Honda horsepower claims are pretty useless no matter how high they say it goes because they have very little torque.

  16. it´s a beautiful car, but i like more the Brazilian front lanterns.
    I hope this Civic will be imported to here. It must be fantastic drive it…

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