2007 Hyundai Tiburon

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New front end, a few tweaks, and a 3.3 Liter V6 from the Sonata.

The bad news is, all new RWD model is a couple of years away…

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  1. Where are you getting this information from? All I have heard is that it will be the same as every year but with a new facelift

  2. Looks sharp!
    I wish the front bumper would be more solid (GT style), but overall a decent upgrade from already good looking coupe.

    3.3L Hyundai Engine is meh, power is so-so, gas usage is poor. At least if it’s the same 3.3L that the Sonata uses.

    It’d be awesome to put a Celica engine into this car!

  3. wow! 3.3 V6 very exciting. These world engines are quite good. All Alluminum, 235 Hp, fuel effecient and of Newer technology. Finally the tiburon is becoming a TRUE sportscar. I wonder how much more this will cost?

  4. I hate it. They replaced the large vertical side vents (“gills” because Triburon means shark after all) with Aston Martin/Euro GT car wannabe side vents that look totally out of place on this car. Front quarter angle hides it, but the car looks much more weak and bland from the side than the previous version. Tiny little front slit weakens the car’s sporty appearance too, like it doesn’t need much air.

  5. God, Hyundai absolutely destroyed the front end of that poor car. 05’s refresh was much better by far!

    This is also my first time hearing of them giving the Tib the 3.3L from the Sonata. I hope for Hyundai’s sake this is true because the Tib doesn’t have much else going for it now.

  6. Vince were are you getting the 3.3L engine upgrade info? At its debut at the chinese auto show, the still had the sam3 4cyl and 172HP/2.7L V6 engine. The bump up the the 234HP/3.3L would be a nice starting point for adding a supercharger or turbo.

  7. There are conflicting reports on the 3.3 Liter availability.
    It was shown in China with the 2.7 Liter. But some are still claiming the 3.3 Liter will be available in the US.
    I’ll check on that a bit more…

  8. There will be no 3.3 for the Tib. Only suspension geometry changes and cross drilled rotors (in addition to the cosmetic refresh).

  9. I think the new one is uglier than the current model. Instead of putting a bigger V6, shouldn’t hyundai consider a forced induction 4 banger with the expensive gas prices? AWD will guarantee more sales too!

  10. In the past, it was a poor man’s ferrari. Now, it became just any poor man’s car. Wait for the RWD one to come out, or buy a V6 Mustang

  11. It looks very similar to the Mercury Cougar… too similar. My best friend just got a brand new Tibby and the 2.7 is just fine except that it makes no noise from inside the car… it’s very disappointing to listen to, but it sounds sweet when u hear it going down the street. We’ll see how this model works.

  12. The Tibby used to be alittle smaller the first 2 “generations”.
    Hope this model never grows like the Eclipse(too big, heavy, and doesn’t handle very well, except maybe in a straight line).

    Why are they taking soooo long to come out with a new (rwd) model?
    This is model year 5(new version came out in 03, as an 03? the larger/current model)
    Why 2-3 more years?

    The story I got from other news sites, is that when Hyundai goes RWD, Kia will do a version of a FWD model( or use same platform,but smaller vehicle when it comes out?).

    There’s also rumors of that C’eed platform being used as a 3 door sporty hatch for Kia in USA .
    Who knows?
    Hard to tell what Hyundai’s doing .
    I recall Hyudnai going back and forth(not too long ago) about Yes, we will have a minivan, then “No, we won’t”, then, just what, 6 -7 months ago, the come out of nowhere and said’yes, we will have a minivan”.
    They(and Kia)were announcing a mild hybrid( Accent and Rio) that was supposed to be out by now, but was delayed(or cancelled?) due to S Koreas currency would make prodcuing such a vehicle non-profitable in USA(something like this).

    Like predicting the weather, guessing what Hyundai will do. Hyundai changes their mind like the weather changes, which is almost daily, it appears.

    I’d rather see something tC sized(not Eclipse sized), from Hyundai or Kia(again. The old Tibby was what, 171 inches? I may be incorrect, but this is what I thought it was, or close to being around this length).
    Drop the GEMA 173 HP engine in it,FWD, make it less than 2,800 LBS(or not much more), would do just fine, and also build the RWD for the “old school” sport car fans.

  13. I guess Hyundai wants to see how low they can get the Tiburon’s sales before axing it completely for lack of demand(That a very real possibility with any desirable redesign a few years off).

    It really is too bad as the 2005-06 Tibruons were easily the prettiest sub-$25k cars made…. Good looking enough to transport the shape onto a new chassis and have no one complain about dated looks.

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