2007 Volvo C30 “On the road”

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Is it me, or this base model of the all new small Volvo looks pretty cheap…

Maybe it’s the color, or the smaller tires.
I’m not sure but this doesn’t say “premium small car”…

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  1. The “above anonymous” don’t act like a hippopotamus.
    User kinder words since Vince does all the work
    and updating for this site.
    Let’s see what site you would build, the car information
    and commentaries and see if it is as good as this site.
    This is one of the best car sites and Vince is not paying me a dime to protect him, but I will say is that he does need some dental work and a haircut, but treat him with respect.

  2. Hey! I am Vince’s barber/dentist, and I demand respect TOO! btw THE VOLVO’S DESIGN HAS MORE HOLES IN IT THAN VINCE’S TEETH 😉

  3. One of the best car sites? You’ve got to be kidding me! Try TCC, Cheers and Gears, or Car Spy Shots….they blow Vince’s amateur and childish comments out of the water.

  4. if you don’t like the site, please, do yourself a favor and do not come back.

    Wasting your time doing something you don’t like isn’t a sign of intelligence…

  5. I wonder why people have to pay more to get this; why won’t they buy Ford Focus ST or Mazda 3 MPS? or Euro Civic Type R?

  6. Vince,

    Great website.

    Bad shot of that particular Volvo.

    Keep up the good work. I check your site daily.

    Thanks, buddy.

  7. Vince, don’t get personal with such manner. Those negative comments can only come from environmentalists or people with no mates, or both.

  8. Hi Vince, check your site daily too along with autoblog, cardesignnews, and autoweek.nl. Greetings from Paris!

  9. i agree — just a bad shot.

    i saw the concept in person, that was sweet.

    combination of things; lighting, lower res, not to mention it was a test mule so bumpers and flarings may not be painted to give off the dull look.

  10. You’re right.
    I keep forgetting we only get the expensive versions of European cars over here….

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