2007 VW Touareg

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Not enough to really make it exiting. But it does look better.
This front end works better here than on their cars.

What it need know is a big jump in reliability. To, let’s say, average….

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  1. Dude…why do you hate VW so much? Every VW post you ever publish is negative. VW is a great car for the money and there are many positives about the style and even the quality of a VW, particularly mechanically and innovatively. They have had their issues, but they are really pioneers and take more risks than most companies do…so cut them some slack.


  2. I have friends who unfortunatley trusted VW and spent their hard earned money on them. (new cars)
    I cannot begin to tell you how many problems they have with their cars. It’s actually amazing.
    Just check JD Powers know and then. VW ranks at the bottom, year after year.
    They could be great cars, they do drive great, most of them.
    But they are also a nightmare to own. And they have no excuse for that.

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