2008 Jaguar S Type

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Not sure if this is an official “preview sketch” or what.
But it looks great.

Even if the production model is toned down 200% it would be a fantastic looking car….

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  1. There is nothing about this sketch that says ‘Jaguar” to me. I haven’t decided if that’s a good or bad thing yet…

  2. This looks almost exactly like the CGI you posted a few days back. You didn’t like that one. I don’t like either. 😉

    Jaguar should just come out with a four door XJ with a trunk, basically. That’d solve their problems.

  3. its nice but i think if jaguar moves away from what be see them as in the first place they could lost in the crown with their desighns, they have many “good” desighns to draw inspiration but just a car with a low roof and alot of curves isnt very jaguar like if they arent careful will end up looking like something else probably something cheaper, which isnt good for a car this important to jaguar. i agree maybe a 4 door xk look would be good like the aston martin rapide and the db9, or the bentley gt and the continental. would be something different in this segment…but this is desighn is nice but border line generic….unless its just show stopping in person or extremely nice looking like a cls, quattroporte, or rapide this thing will look less than a jaguar and probably like an old audi or chrysler desighn

  4. The proportions are too wrong to really tell how it is. Plus the grill doesn’t ring any bell to me… where the heck is it from ??

    Nothing Jaguar at all in that design. Not even the side mirors, not even the lights.

  5. yeah, the photoshop (?) pic that came out last week inspired you to say…
    baicly a commitee did it with out ever consulting each other,..

    now this vertually identical sketch comes out and ya love it,..

    common vince…

    look at the two again and get the to halfs of your brain to reach a compromise..
    kiddin,. I love ya’ man..
    how ya get this stuff anyhoo?..

  6. Um Vince, did you forget you already posted the real picture of this car a couple days ago and said you didn’t like it? Make up your mind! Automakers always make their sketches look better than the real thing. Scroll down a few days and there’s your concept!

  7. Again, this was NOT a real picture.
    And I still don’t like it.
    Stay tuned for more on this car….

  8. Vince,

    I’m afraid I agree with the other posters on your apparent contradiction over this sketch and the chop of the new S Type. They are basically the same, only this sketch, which per AutoCar of the U.K., is actually the 2010 XJ, not the S Type. At any rate, they appear to be cut from the same cloth.

    I’m concerned. Everything I had read about the new S Type and XJ is that they would use the “design language” of the RD6 concept and another Coupe concept, the name of which escapes me, both of which sported modernized versions of the famous XK120 grill. Now I see these chops/sketches, which feature a grill patterned after the 1960’s era XJ6. Plus, I read a recent interview of Ian Callum, in which he’s quoted as saying that the new designs will feature fronts inspired by the XJ6. Ugh! Come on, Ian, you’re killing us.

    I’m not crazy about what I see, though I see more of the Bentley Continental GT in the new S-Type. Don’t really see a Chrysler 300 at all. That said, I love the RD6 and coupe concepts of recent years and am disappointed that they apparently are not going that route. I suspect the final versions will look quite a bit better than these peeks.

  9. This is an XJ sketch, also from AutoWeek. IT’s a bland design with Chryler headlights-looks nice as a sketc, but would be boring as hell otherwise.

  10. yeah, that’s the XJ sketch from AutoWeek. the s-type sktech is on the front cover and can be seen here…in any case, i don’t buy it. the grill doesn’t match up w/ other spy shots we’ve seen or the rd6 concept that supposedly will influence the new s.

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