2008 Subaru Imprezzzzzza

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Hatchback or not hatchback…

The hatch version is actually testing in Europe right now, so we know that’s coming.
But WRX faithful might still want a car with a trunk.
Are we going to get both?

What do you think?

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  1. VERY HOT! Wwe need to get both…any improvement to the performance? 0-60 in less than 5 and i am sold!!!

  2. Sweet ass for the hatch.

    Only wish they change the ugly nose and put a something similar to Audi DSG in it. Will be awesome for NYC.

  3. Is it getting any bigger? A little more leg and shoulder room in back would make this a winner in my book.

  4. Is it true Vince that this will be made in the same U.S. plant that makes the Legacy for the U.S.?

    – I would like to see the inside.

  5. I really like the looks of the hatchback – although it lacks the funky charm of the current version (too many smooth lines for a Subie!).

    I have finally decided I can live with the lower gas mileage of AWD.

    The 2.5 has nice power, and the current Impreza now has great test results.

    HOWEVER the ’06 2.5 was a little on the noisy side. So I hope they tame the noise. (Handling was sure great though).

    And I hope they make it a little roomier. A 99 inch wheelbase is kinda small these days.

  6. I don’t think this will be made in the US.
    Toyota is using the Subaru factory to build more Camrys.
    That pretty much rules out any other Subaru model coming out of there in the near future…

  7. And let’s not forget these pictures are only illustrations.
    I hope the real thing looks better…

  8. I hope they make that spoiler bigger … and taller. How the heck are people gonna know I’m a serious street-racer-hat-sideways-punkster if they can’t see my spoiler on my 4 door SEE-Dan?

  9. Why make it any bigger? I don’t understand the model-creep idea. How about if you want a bigger car you get a Legacy spec.B?

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