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These are the first official pictures of Audi’s 911 fighter.
It does look great.

And a bit more luxurious than the Porsche.
420hp V8, Quattro,Aluminum body. Pretty amazing stuff.
Available bang and Olufsen stereo, rear view camera, navigation etc…
Pretty much a sports car for the 21st century.

Expect a price of around $100 000 in the US. So quite a bit more than a regular 911.

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  1. My new dream car…

    Prestigious but cheap enough to be used every day… well in my dreams… at least when comparing it to the lambo it’s based on.

  2. On the AUDI web site you can play with the colors and the side panel from shiny aluminum look to carbon fiber look and flat gray, this car is amazing and id take it over a lambo, porsche, ford gt anyday !

  3. The 911 certaintly has company. 911s are now too common and dont have the same wow factor as they used to, this combines a near perfect interior with a supercar shape for not supercar dollars. I really hope that this is a success for Audi. My dream garage used to be a 911 but now itd be an AMV8 or this.

  4. yes, yes, yes. this is a shining example of what a transition from concept car to production car should look like. unlike the chrysler airflite concept to the sebring.

    the R8 combines teutonic sensibility with passion. absolutely lovely.

  5. very good looking car inside and out, the best is the black with the carbon fiber panel on the web site, but….does anyone else wonder why this car is slower than a corvette. maybe its just me but 420 hp should be good for more than just 4.6 seconds which i read online as the 0-60. a corvette has 400 and does 4.2. the gallardo it is based on seems pretty slow for its power as well….500 hp v10 and 0-60 in 4.2 seconds and on some sites they got 4.5 its crazy, and the fact its a very small car…maybe its just me…sounds like way to much weight…but nice car especially the black with the carbon fiber panel check it out on the site

  6. A new level of super car war: LF-A, NSX, GTR, SLR, Z10, and R8. I guess automakers and some people aren’t that worry about fuel price after all.

  7. The irony in all of this is that Porsche is the largest single share holder in VW which means they OWN part of Audi, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Bentley …etc. Funny how things work out like that. I’m sure pretty soon Porsche will make sure every other model is just slightly slower than the 911 in order to rationalize the model range. There is no competition.

  8. I assume the Lambo and R8 are both all wheel drive, therefore a bit slower than the Vett…among other things.

  9. the zo6 gets 17mpg and thats with a 500hp 7.0 liter!!, not sure what a z10 is but that is amazing for car that has so much horsepower and such a big engine

  10. if you read the short comment, it went along with fuel price comment, was saying the zo6 is one car with a huge engine that gets good gas mileage given its specs, and the cars it competes with

  11. Wow, wow, wow. Looks even better than the concept and pre-production models did! At least from these angles…

  12. Umm, the Z10 is going to be a BMW that’s way upmarket from the Z4. It has nothing to do with the Z06!

    Next thing we know, somebody’s going to bring the 350Z into the conversation because it has a Z in it!

  13. Hey, remember that Audi car from I, Robot? Like the RSQ or something like that? It reminds me of that. Hold on, I’ll get a pic from the internet… sad thing is, this pic is from a car site called The Hollywood-Diecast. That isn’t fair, is it Vince?

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