Audi S3

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Strictly for those who must squeeze 265hp from a 2.0 Liter engine in a small, already overpriced, compact car.

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  1. To jusify this car, we have to get back to some of the basic laws about racing technologies: lightness and short-wheel-base are beneficial to speed and agility. Those two points are increasingly hard to find in modern cars, which could make this “S3” a desirable rare breed.

  2. I disagree. This car is definitely not light for its dimensions. Despite the 65hp advantage, I’d still take the GTI as that car is the epitome of nimbleness, balance and power in a hatchback. The S3 comes across as too deliberate and trying too hard. As for the GTI, it defined the hot hatch and in my books is one of the very best all rounders today. To quote Jeremy Clarkson, it’s “every car to every man”.

    Except for Vince, of course, seeing his disdain for the Volkswagen brand.

  3. i agree this car is overpriced less the 2.0 and more the v6 model, but , the lancer evolution, and wrx sti, are very expensive for what they are you could buy much nicer cars for the price of those cars and people buy them anyway to purchase cars that you can never use their full potential, are loud, ride horribly, low quality,, but hey it doesnt make sense to me but it does to someone so why not audi…..

  4. id take the gti too and invest the chaNge in a QSZ performance upgrade. However, one must note the benfits of the S3s 4wd system, however audi’s renowned steering numbness will most likely prevail.

    Perhaps an RS3 may be instore- put a V6 turbo into it, that would be a hot hatch!

  5. the only problem with an rs3 is that it would be priced im sure up there with the m3, ctsv, s4 crown which would be pointless who would buy that… me the s, rs thing makes no sense the s models are slower and “little” less expensive than the m’s and amg’s and the rs models are just as fast but cost “alot” more…anyone else confused by this….a a4 shouldnt cost $70,000, especially when the 3 cars that are just as fast cost $51,000 (cts-v), base around ($50,000) m3, and about $60,000 loaded for the c class amg and all these cars are just as fast as the rs4 with the cts lacking some of its refinements but it also is a honda accord cheaper, dont get it….

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