Audi/KTM project.

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Seems like Audi is thinking about pairing with motorcycle manufacturer KTM to produce a small, lightweight 2 seater convertible in the near future.
This would be a very exclusive model with a limited run..
This might also explain why VW killed the GX3 project.

It seems that the favorite engine would be VW’s own 1.4 Liter with both a turbo and a Compressor.
They are also talking about getting almost 50mpg!
Remember, this is supposed to be a super light car, so why not.

I’ll keep you posted if I find out more…

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  1. Everyone else has already posted what I was going to say. But what if audi made a “mini” TT…look like the tt and smaller.

  2. A bit weird in the looks department, but a relitively good idea. Just don’t make it compete with the TT, GM already made the mistake of having its brands compete with each other. If this was competing with the TT, the results would be worse!!

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