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In other Hydrogen news, BMW claims they will seel this hydrogen version of the 7 series as soon as next year!
It can get a bit over 120 miles from the hydrogen tank, but can also run on regular gas with a additional 300 miles range.
It gets 0 to 60 in over 9 seconds. Not great for a V12 but hey… It’s hydrogen!

I had no idea the technology had advanced so fast.
This is great!

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  1. It uses internal combusion not fuel cell technology. The hydrogen thank is damm expensive. The milage is primitive. That’s bad.

  2. yeh, what she/he said.

    the hydrogen 7 series, still is combustion. nothing really revolutionary about that. and only 120 miles for 1 tank of hydrogen? that’s pretty lame compared to sequel. I realize sequel is probably great deal more expensive, but that’s the future. not hydrogen combustion.

  3. ditto to above. BMW advertises this as the bridge to hydrogen, but as a practical matter, internal combustion engines using hydrogen is very inefficient and for consumers to buy hydrogen instead of gasoline for this vehicle there would need to be pretty amazing hydrogen subsidies in place.

  4. That is the most stupid car next to SMART car. BMW just have to say “No” to their excellent diesel engines, upcoming hybrid powertrains, and possible smaller turbocharged engines to save the planet.

  5. furthermore, the reluctance to approach this technology is the somewhat useless nature of the car- only 120 miles to the tank and not a hydrogen filling station in sight!

    Also the only way of producing hydrogen at this stage is through burning fossil fuels, further rendering this car useless!

    when will the automakers stop making stupid publicity stunts and actually invest in the future of the industry…

  6. COOL! Still, people are still getting hydrogen by letting out CO2, so it isn’t that different. And with the 7’s fuel economy, we might even run out of hydrogen!

  7. Anonymous said…
    It’s still an ugly, gas hog, unreliable, German tank.

    Who cares?

    8:15 PM
    Ding! Ding! Ding! We have our weekly winner of the” most like(ly) a UAW worker comment” award!
    Now, go enjoy your Hybrid GM CAR, oh, that’s right, They DON’T have one!
    I do agree, 120MPG is not so good, and this would have been something, maybe in 2000….
    But, not need to go all”UAW”(like)” on it, either.
    Where’s GM’s ANYTHING Hydrogen, to be sold next year?
    Or Ford, Or Chrysler( Honda is 2009..fuel cell, Hyundai 2010, and GM said 2010-2012).Hyundai will low-ball them all on price and probably have the best warranty of the bunch!

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