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While the concept shown in Paris has huge wings, spoilers etc…
Here’s a picture of a model without all the crap on it.

That would make a nice small Chevy wouldn’t it?

Is that the staff from the North Hollywood office????

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  1. with all these many brains, one would have thought they’d come up with something better.

    And they’re proud to be standing next to that Japanese copycat.

  2. You are probably looking at a lot of the design of the vehicle formerly-known-as-the-Suzuki-Forenza. Suzuki will probably not sell the next gen, at least no in the US, but you might see it as the low line Pontiac G5.

  3. What’s the obsession woth headlight assemblies that stretch over the fender? It seems like their everywhere (Lexus ES, Infiniti G35, Suzuki SX4, etc)

  4. I actually test drove the SX4(base model, automatic…the sporty version will not be here until December, I have been told).
    The person who said the Forenza will not longer be a Suzuki in USA is correct, also.
    Word is that Suzuki is gonna be in charge of design, engines, etc, for the replacements of all their cars the next few years, and have that Nissan Frontier truck in their lineup by 09(or as a model 2009).
    BTW: The sx4 is years ahead of that Aerio. No comparison, and it is faster(or feels faster) quieter, less NVH, etc, than the Forenza family of cars.
    (If the Reno were as nice, I’d take that).

    Sorry 2 digress sooo much:
    This looks ok.
    If it does happen, GM will probably charge you 20,000 for it(or more, like the Coablt turbo…).
    I’ll wait for Suzuki’s (not GM-DAT)”sporty car”, supposedly coming out in a year or so.

  5. Hey, not bad! This is actually something that we all agree is pretty good, even Douchebag! Although I bet if this was a Toyota or Honda instead of a Chevy Douche wouldn’t approve, but what does he matter?

    The bumper is a bit overboard, but it’s a nice design!

  6. It’s nice of GM to let their designers have fun, but GM executives will kill it.

    Like someone said above: It’ll never happen.

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