Citroen C Metisse concept

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More on the crazy Diesel/Electric hybrid concept from Citroen.

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  1. Diesel/electric hybrids are amazing and much more impressive than gasoline hybrids. 80+ MPG is entirely feasible with this technology plus you have gobs of torque between the diesel and electric engines

  2. That’s too cool!
    I’d hate to see the price tag!

    Anyhow, guess I’ll just have to wait for the next gen Prius, with it’s rumored 90 MPG.

  3. Dude the Unicycle said…

    Looks like somebody sat on it.

    So? I love it!!

    No matter how much you may like it, thankfully, the rest of us will never see it or you driving this on a road near us anytime soon.

    Maybe you and “sexy+butch” will be happy together.

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