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At least they’re trying crazy stuff.

That’s what Saab should be doing too.
Citroen found its way again by not trying to be the car for everyone.
This makes any recent Japanese design so dated.

Few brands can get away with such futuristic shapes and details.
Citroen, Saab and Subaru.

So far only Citroen gets it right…

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  1. Nope. Citroen is struggling to sell its car outside of France. Reliability, quality, and resell value are among the lowest of European brands. It is nothing wrong to have stylish cars, but it is absolutely wrong that those cars can’t fulfill their basic duties well.

  2. Interestingly, according to “Motoring” of UK, the best selling brand is Vauxhall, following by Ford, in 2005.

  3. It would be really nice if these cars were just as reliable and safe as German and Japanese cars. The U.S. with
    its ever changing population and tastes, might enjoy
    seeing these cars on the road!

  4. “Just read Citroen is the best selling brand in the UK…”

    Burlapp! What are you on?! The best selling brand in the UK is Ford (which has been for decades), occasionally overtaken by Vauxhall.

  5. The interior is nothing special to me. A complicated-looking steering wheel (like the Range Rover’s) and a center-mounted dash (annoying like the Quest minivan in America; just got moved back to its rightful position in a 2006 facelift).

    Not bad, but not earth-moving either.

  6. Citroen was number one in sale in England for the month of August 2006.
    That does not include fleet sales.

    It is also due to a special offer where they are buying any “driveable car” from you for about $2000 if you get a new Citroen.

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