Daihatsu D Compact concept

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Knowing the ties betweenn Daihatsu and Toyota (The new bB will be sold in Europe as a Daihatsu), this would make a really nice Scion in the US.

But.. Who knows…

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  1. Since I read somewhere Scion is going square, they will have to square this off. But I like it compared to the xA.

  2. If it looks like this with AWD and decent Hp, it should sell well and be up against the Suzuki SX4

    PS- Suzuki means sea bass in Japanese

  3. The D Compact would indeed make a good Scion. It’s dull and unattractive looks would fit perfect with the rest of the Scions butt-ugly lineup.

    But at least it’s soft and non aggressive.

  4. toyota owns diahatsu, like hyundai owns kia?
    anyhow, i remember diahatsu in 90-92 time frame. They had a dealerhsip in myrtle beach, SC, and they couldnot sell one, due to they were 14-15K at a time when toyota, honda and nissans sentra,corolla,civic were selling for 11-14K(you could get an SE-R, 91, for same price as a Diahatsu “family” car).
    They folded…. they were selling the cars for 7,000 dollars, and still took time to get rid of them. Place became a nissan dealership.

    Aren’t diahatus just making minicars-microcars for toyota now?

    I agree with the others: looks good, though.
    Beats the xA.

  5. They have also acquired part of Subaru recently. Of their domestic product, I think the R1 would be perfect for scion. Finally give them something sporty. Even the Toyota Rush, Ractis, or Porte or the Daihatsu Sonica (JDM) would be perfect.

    But the R1 for sure. Working for a scion dealer and seeing the Yaris hatch erupt, I think this is perfect for the market right now.

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