Daihatsu D Compact Concept

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Another cute small thing.

We won’t get….

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  1. It would be very cool if this became an item
    in the U.S. It will sell if it looked very close to this.
    However, perhaps Toyota should back this product
    since Daihatsu is not well established here.

    I think companies such as Suzuki and Daihatsu really
    need to push as hard as they can to open the door to the American public. The SX4 looks very interesting
    is packaged very well, they should have brought over the xeon package and wheels from Japan, but still
    a very god value for the money. However, I heard they
    will bring a turbo version over so maybe that will get
    the better lights and wheels.

  2. I drove an sx4 on Thursday.
    Blue. Sharper looking in person than on net pictures.
    It is light years ahead of the old Tracker(Suzuki rebadged for Chevy for about 15 years), and better than the Aerio, even(alittle more refined).
    Although the only item missing was 6 way or 8 way seating( not to be on the base- or “sporty- model” coming out in 6-8 weeks).
    But, even then, the rivers position/steering wheel was not insufferable(not my “perfect” setting, for me, but I could live with it, if I chose to).
    Radio was decent. Materials were on par(or better?) than say the Scion xB, the engine was avg for noise and power(automatic).
    30MPG(or so) hwy.
    It felt larger(safer, I should say) than it looked.
    It was a comfortable, decent, above avg looking, entry level SUV/car(crossover) thing!
    The guy said the Aerio(name?) will carry on, and they are supposedly(they meaning Suzuki?) tweak the Aerio some for next year(?).
    I read they will bring a car version of the new sx4 over, which would be cool, for those liking a sedan over a SUV look/height.
    Also, look for a “Sporty” Reno in a year or so, I was told( they may put the 155HP Aerio wagon I-4 in it, since they lowered the HP of the sx4 to 143, the Aerio wagon replacement, which had 155HP).
    If they could keep the 32-24MPG hwy, and fix up the rest of the ride to be on par of this sx4… I’d seriously consider one.

    PS: No turbo….(at least the salesman said tha he knew of, on any Suzuki for USA).

    That Nissan Frontier will be here in 08(or early 09) as an 09 Suzuki truck.
    The whole Forenza line up will be replaced, and that midsized sedan, too. Supposedly, a small minivan, too(who knows on this one: I have not even heard of this on the net,but the salesman claims this is what’s happeing the next few years).
    He sounds about right, if ya look at future vehciles on other websites, for 07-09 time frame.

    I could see this as a Scion.
    I recall Diahatsu being out about 90-91 time frame in USA.
    I was in Myrtle Beach(military), and they broght the Charade to the USA, to compete against the Corolla, Civic and Sentra.

    It failed. IMHO it failed because they wanted over 14,000+ MSRP for a car that the competition was less costly,at the time. You could get the Sentra SE-R(140HP) for same price as this family sedan!

    They tanked fast. Just what , 2-3 years? They were selling Charades that were 14K+ msrp for alittle over 7,000 dollars, new.

    Maybe as a Scion(and priced reasonably, not insanely), it would succeed.

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