Ford Losis X Concept

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Preview of an SUV for the European market???

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  1. That’s pretty dumb. Does look like an Eclipse, which seems to have more appeal to those too young to drive. What is the market for this?

  2. and the interior, looks like a steamroller went over a cheap cell phone

    Wow! Holy crap it does for sure! Heck, it was worth a try at least. Now we know it doesn’t work!

  3. You know what? I’ve now decided that this whole car is messed up. At least the design.

    Maybe 16-year-olds who just got their licenses will buy it. Maybe. Okay, maybe not.

  4. wow!!! I like the design, is so beauty, is a future’s car, if it would have a turbines, it would be an airplane, I congratulate you by the concept. is the most beautiful

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