Honda Cicic testing something…

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What are they testing here???
All I can see are new wheels.

Minor changes for 2008 maybe?

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  1. Changes already? What’s the point? It looks like Honda’s done nothing new but redesigned the wheels. BFD.

  2. Perhaps they will include VSA on all models as part of their mid-model correction on the Civic. I bet the 2008 Accord has it standard, so that would make it okay for them to include it on the Civic (Honda doesn’t offer features on lower-end models until they’re available on higher-end models, even if the lower-end model is a newer design).

  3. They could be testing for a new engine like the ones they unveiled a few days ago. It could be a diesel or Honda’s new and better engine, Advanced VTEC or other different engines. As for the wheels, these are the Civic GX wheels.

  4. Look again. They didn’t redesign the wheels. Those are the LX plastic hub caps. Probably some new engine option since they have the wheels sensors on.

  5. This comes from deep inside the Honda camp, a new clean burning diesel engine is in the works not only for the Civic, but also for the CR-V and Accord! It is being tested in both the Civic and the CR-V at the present time!

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