Honda Miata fighter?

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Honda might be getting a small 2 seater convertible ready.
It might actually be cheaper than the Mazda and offer a 1.3 Liter engine. At least in some markets.

Could it be the return of the CRX in a new body style???

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  1. CRX in a 2 door compact convertible form?? Amazing idea. I hope it is true. If this could be competitively priced around 20 or even cheaper?? maybe around where the civic start like the crx should be… awesome idea. i hope it is true. This would be a tuners dream. ok so this is how i have it figured…. if it could start somewhere around 15, fully loaded close to 20…… get the base model, tune it…..overall spend 25 tops on the car…. possibly have this compete with upscale mercedes convertibles.. bmw… SORRY im just rambling

  2. If all the above = true, I’d buy one in an instance!

    (or maybe the 2nd year model, I hate 1st year model bugs!)

  3. Or… the next S2000? Or even the Acura NSX? Okay, the latter is kind of a crazy idea, but I’m trying to open all possibilities.

  4. I’d love to see the CRX nameplate resurected.

    However is it FWD or RWD. IMO, if they really want to compete with the Miata, it will have to be a RWD car.

  5. I know for a fact that this is the next S2k. The current model will not change for 2007, then in 2008, a bunch of new Hondas are coming out: Accord, Pilot, S2k, Accord cpe w/hard top conv, Honda fuel cell and a bunch of diesel variants of everything in their line-up and the new ADVANCED VTEC.

    Anybody wanna bet?

  6. Didn’t you post this as a Acura NSX replacement before, Vince?

    I think its nice looking, a Miata or an S2000 are better looking, even now. All in all, it doesn’t look very “Honda-ish”

  7. Looks a lot like the illustration of the next S2000 in the Nov. Road and Track. Frankly, I find it to be butt-ugly. Why is it that car companies seem often to come out with a wonderful designed car (like the S2000) and then have subsequent models become bigger and uglier?

  8. I like the idea of having a coupe and roadster version similar to the Z4’s, 350Z’s and tt’s. The coupe should keep that notchback look that is so ‘CRX’ and the roadster should have the modern retractable hard top. I

    Both versions should have hybrid and Si powerplants available. No need for a base engine. Make the price for both the Hybrid and the Si about $18k fully loaded and give us some interesting interior and exterior colors similar to the Mini Cooper.

    What ever happens, don’t call the roadster ‘Del Sol’!

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