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A weird name for a pretty good looking concept.
I guess this would go right under the Sonata in size and price.

The problem with this illustration is that it looks much better than the spy photos we’ve already seen of the production model.
An old trick…

Still, let’s hope they keep it nice and bring it over here.

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  1. I hope Hyundai’s focus is on improving the MPG of their new models. This is one of the main areas of concern that should be item one on their radar. I’ve seen more developed pics of this illustration and it’s looks good.

    This will be a good slot vehicle for them to compete with the Scion and Matrix. If it is well equipped-and most Hyundai’s are-it should offer classing leading fuel economy in order for it to be competitive enough to show up on most consumers shopping list.

    I guess we’ll have to wait and see what’s next.

  2. Looks good, if ya likethis type of stuff, but I would rather have the Elantra GT, updated.

    GT’s gone from the lineup.

  3. Hey, Jac: About MPG: Edmunds(and a few others) test the new Optima(2006.5) I-4(161HP).
    34MPG hwy!
    Compared to Malibu’s 32(new Malibu, the 07) and Fusions 31 MPG, I’d say that is good.
    It beast Hyundai’s Sonata 162HP I-4 by 1 MPG(maybe due to the fact the Optima has a 5 speed -shiftable automatic vs Sonata 4 speed-shiftable?).

    The V6’s sound like they do not quite make MPG prmoised, but if ya join(don’t have to post)
    there is a visual on the Hyudnai thread…. of a 31 or so MPG readout on a V6 2006 LX Sonata, after a all hwy trip, mainly on cruise.
    Guy said he avg 26-28(city/hwy).
    That is 235HP( Malibu has 217, and Fusion has 221?) and claim 29 MPg-31MPG/
    My 04 is not so good. bets I got was around 28 hwy(old engine).
    I avg 24-25(well, it is time fo rnew tires, …and any car will lose 1-2 mpg with tires that are within 5K of “wear out” time, due to loss of friction between road/tire, like running in almost worn out shoes! I know… better to have good tread, than hardly none!).

    Anyhow…. the Elantra we had for 10 days, back in march of 2001(current model, that is being phased out)… best was 37 MPG… all hwy, mainly cruise.
    Worst was about 31MPG.
    After abtou 4 tanks of gas, and variable driving conditions(including a small 4 inch snow fall), I avg about 33.5 MPG combined.
    It was winter, too.

    A friend of ours has a 2003, and says he gets 34-35MPG(and it has 117,000 on it as of Sunday).

    My 99 Sonata, though, got 31.9 MPG once, all hwy, 207 miles.
    avg was 26 combined.
    27-28 Hwy.
    Maybe this “shiftable-automatic” is sapping a few MPG?

    anyhow… here’s hoping the keep their promise of a sporty 3 door midsized car( Sonata?).

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