Kia Cee’ d. More pictures…

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There goes a red one!

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  1. The more I “Cee’d” it(horribly bad pun, sorry), the more “avg” it looks(and Red makes the design/lines disappear , to a minor degree).
    Now….. that 3 door Pro-Cee’d…. that’s the ticket!
    It may/may not make it to USA, I heard.

  2. Vince,
    This isn’t coming to the US is it? (There are already quite a few Kia __-Fives out right now)

    But it could replace one, don’t you think?

  3. lbound to be another shitty unreliable car from kia, great!!! stop making so many entries about the Cee’d vince, no one cares that much!

  4. Probably not for the US.

    Why do we continually get shafted by automakers bringing us mostly average stuff while Europe gets great designs.

    Fusion=decent but Mondeo=amazing

    Spectra 5=below average but Cee’d=above average(except for the name)

    The Auris concept looks nice I think, but we will probably get some trunk added version with no nav or any great features.

    When will we get some great cars? Of equal significance, would Americans pay more for a premium small car?

  5. Looks like a good, solid value for people who need a practical car for everyday use. Makes more sense than buying an SUV.

  6. Maybe GM could develope a machine that will shrink us all down to 3 feet… Then this thing would would be a huge SUV and sooo dangerous on the roads…..

  7. a ton of info on 3 versions of Cee’d. Form the sound of it, it will be 4.2 Metres( 39+ inches is a meter,correct?), this thing might be about 163 inches total length(or shorter than the new VW Rabbit).Great,another car small enough for me No tto consider, if it should hit these shores.On a separate note(same site as the link above), said something that Midsized SUV saels are back on the rise again(Just what we DON’T need, to be quite honest. I don’t get it…. in th e80’s, suvs and trucks were Not “Status symbols”, or whatever they are supposed to be… why can’t they just go away, then maybe something liek the Cee’d , I’d buy, becasue then i would not need to worry about being crushed by some “midsized’ SUV).No wonder some other countries think we’re backwards!

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