Kia Cee’ Wagon (more)

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  1. I really like the look of this car, no matter how much I am in denial about Korea’s progress. While I doubt I would buy one, I suspect a lot of people would. Plus, if you are to buy a compact Korean wagon, there is this and there is the Daewoo Lacetti Wagon. The Kia looks a heck of a lot better and probably drives better, too.

  2. Worthy, but dull. A problem that runs through the entire Kia line up.

    Not exciting enough, not bold enough. the Arnejs is a testiment to that, judging by how watered down the real thing will look.

    Yes, let’s give the Koreans kudos for effort, but they have to transform even faster than they are now.

  3. I believe it’s Golf-sized, Anonymous no. 3. But I have to say that this type of rear-end design may have run its course and partly agree with Anonymous no. 4: it does lack boldness. Yet in general, I am still impressed by the to-market time the Koreans have.

  4. sorry but to me this looks really french from the b-pillar backwards. a combination of the renault laguna estate and the 307 SW

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