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The official wagon version will come out a few months after the 5 door. Built in Europe .

That’s a pretty amazing range of cars Kia is preparing for the European market. And they are showing the cool looking 3 door concept this month at the Paris show!

They seem to be more aggressive than the Japanese. And get the European style a bit better too…

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  1. Is it just me, or does this look like a Toyota?

    They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery …

  2. LOL. Which Toyota? I can’t see any resemblence to ANY.

    I find it funny that when people can’t bad mouth a car they resort to the “it looks like this” or “its a copy of this” BS. Stop hating. If you’re saying it looks like a copy of something and it dosen’t, you’re just affirming the fact that they have built a perfect car.

  3. There’s a lot of Peugeot 407SW in that rear shot, as well as some Mercedes C-Class taillights. I think it looks quite nice.

  4. Looks good, but it’s a wagon(whuch I do not care for).
    Here’s Hoping the bring the 3 door version(sporty coupe-style) here to USA, and soon!

  5. Usually I hate those “it looks like” comments, but the 2nd anonymous nailed it… I can definitely see 407SW and C-Class in the rear.

    Very nice looking car. Hopefully we’ll get it here in Aus, to replace the boring and never-seen Cerato.

  6. Didn’t say it was a bad thing, just that it resembles a Toyota, for me, it resembles an Avensis from the front.

    Perfect car? Are you a Kia salesman or something?

  7. This is the best blend of different cars I have yet seen

    100% nissan Altima from the front
    Nissan murano C pillar and side profile

    Volvo rear end

  8. I don’t get it. There’s a hatchback, a wagon, but no sedan? That’s kind of funny. Does anyone else think this?

  9. Well, I USED to be a big Hyundai/Kia fan, until today.

    My 2003 Sonata GLS V6, 36,000 miles, has had tons of issues, starting in Feb of this year.
    Had to fight ot get them to replace a window motor and window gasket for the rear passenger side(3 trips, and the first time, they “oiled” the gasket, claiming that would fix the issue!). Called the 800 number and they called the dealership, and suddenly, the dealership was much more co-operative(would ntio be bad if the place were within 75 miles of my home, not to mention taking time out of my day for other issues, to take care of this nonsense).

    Went back today, for the other side…and they ordered the part, and it will be there next week, so, I need to schedule something for Wed or Thursday.

    They are also replacing a driver’s side door gasket! It fell off once, last year, they fixed it(supposedly) and now it is torn,(off the hooks that held it to the door).
    They did fix the door locks today(fine, until the monkey brains “fixed” my door motor last time)… guy said wires(?) were jiggling loose in the door, to the power lock switch, due to a few screws missing!
    On top of all of this….
    the sales mgr came out and said I ran off a sale, and to please let them sell the cars!
    The deal was that I was bored, looking aorund th edealership sales room.
    A couple(mid-30’s?) were debating(away from hte Hyundai minivan). about the nearly 30K msrpo(they had a really old Honda minivan).
    Anyhow, I offered that if they needed a 5 seater, they could save 3,000 over the larger Hyundai(6 seater/7seater?) by going to check out Kia(Hyudnai owns Kia, I informed them).
    Then they asked if I own a Hyundai, I told them i liked it, in general,(nothing more was said).
    Told them it was an 03…an old model.
    I guess the people left to look at Kia, too(among others they mentioned to me, but the salesman went nuts…. I did not know he was pushing a minivan).
    The place went from cool, to fool!Guy was saying(sales mgr, in the garage, while I was leaving!!!!!!!!) “you don;t like Hyudnai? Why you trying to ruin sales?
    I told the guy same story I just posted, adn he was like” let us sell the car”(there’s one old dude, about 60…. he’s been there since they opened, and he is 2 faced….probably him being a @#$%^& jerk….cause we got our car for 15K, not 17K like he wanted to sell it for, because we knew what the score was! Seems a lot of peopel are “lost” and he takes ’em to the cleaners, as us old people used ta say!).

    Anyhow, I am fed up with the whole ordeal.
    Mayb just buy that Avenger in 3 years….after they have had it out long enough to fix some problems(and “bugs”)… plus, the place i 10 miles away, vs 75 for Hyundai, if I need work done(warranty).

    I know lots of cars look good….but are they really”good” in all aspects?

  10. never heard of a sales manager saying anything to anyone like the story above!
    I wouldn’t go there. Sounds like a real winner. Must not be selling many cars if he went so “crazy” about you giving a customer your opinions.

    Hope you can find a better dealership.

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