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Yet another Kia Concept.
This one is just a 3 door version of the previous Cee’d Concept.

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  1. Can’t wait to see what Hyundai/Kia will bring up until 2010. They are really stepping it up to become the top 5 automakers. This look like an excellent car. I’m sure they will bring some good things to the US as well.

  2. And it looks absolutely amazing. They shouldn’t touch the rear at all, but Kia will rebuild it to a standard, solid car probably.

  3. OK, on edmunds, future vehicles fourms… there’s a story and graphic of a 3 door hatch(although it looked more like a Mustang)…. and claims 200HP V6, for a car coming out in 08(?) as an 09 “sporty” Kia(aboutthe time Hyundai puts RWD on the Tibby?).
    I have woned a few sonata’s, and I have “minor’ issues, like the door seal trim is messiun gup(and needs fixed, hopefully tomorrow, when I take it in), and the electric opener(door) tries to lock the door while you’re still opening the thing(and a winodw gassket needs replaced).

    The engines are great, as are the trannies, though. 99 sonata hit nearly 119,000 before trade in time. Now, if they cane get these minor irritations fixed(woudl nto be so bad if i did nto live 40 miles away froma dealership, to get wareranty items repaired, and usually end up makign 2 trips: once for confirmation of issues, and the 2nd, they order parts, then fix the issue).
    Lotta driving to get minor quibbles fixed every 8-9 months.

    If they build this, I will check one out(if I do not need to make many more visits over the next 3 years to Hyundai. Our Toyota is beter in that minor parts do not “fail: so readily, but man, are they pricey, and osmetimes deadly dull; their products).

  4. It’s a concept … I have my doubts that the production version will look like that, but nonetheless, a nice concept vehicle.

  5. Wicked. Absolutely stunning. And I’m only talking about the back! The front’s even better!!

  6. Wicked. Absolutely stunning. And I’m only talking about the back! The front’s even better!!

    Sorry if this is posted twice… I wasn’t sure if I had posted or not.

  7. Considering how poorly built Kias continue to be, this thing will have to survive on its looks. And it’s looks aren’t too shabby. Kudos to the designers.

  8. Anonymous said…
    Considering how poorly built Kias continue to be, this thing will have to survive on its looks. And it’s looks aren’t too shabby. Kudos to the designers.

    2:39 PM

    How poorly are they built? You going by JD Powers(joke) of a survey?
    If that’s the case: VW, Mitsubishi,
    Mazda(I believe) and many others fall below avg.
    People seem to be liking Suzuki more and more, and they are below Avg.
    I even think Nissan is below avg, yet, they get praised to the hilt, like they are better than a Lexus!

    To me , it’s poor if the engine and tranny has issues before 5 years(or say 150,000 miles, at least).
    It’s poor if it does not start daily.
    Not attackin’ ya, but, if we say”how poorly” something’s built, then that leaves us what, Toyota, Honda, maybe some GM’s, and maybe Ford 500(and a lot of 40thousand Plus dollar cars, which many of us can’t afford),?
    No car I have ever owned was perfect, ever.
    The ones I consider real junk did not make it to pay off time, or barely 100K miles, before blowing a tranny, or other major issues.
    Nissan 200sx(97 model),87 Spectrum(junk, too) and 01 Tiburom)although fun, and one way or another , got comments, good or bad) was junk, too.

    Buy what ya like. Here’s a challenege for ya: go drive the new Optima….
    that’ll give ya an idea of how much they have improved even over 2005 models.
    I usually try to test drive stuff first, ebofre commenting. this may be junky, who knows?
    from looks, seems we agree: It’s (to me, Great) decent.
    Beats the “exciting, new, G5-(rebadged Cobalt) for Pontiac”!

    Wins by a mile, at least in the looks dept(for now)!

    We want it, Kia! bring it here by 2008, as an 09, at least!

  9. Finally! A 3 door(wagon/hatch) that does Not Look(completely) like a (station)Wagon!

    Good job, Kia!
    Now, just bring it over with minimal changes!

    This thing is totally getting opposite reasctions to when Chrysler showed us the Sebring: ALmost everyone likes this Kia design(Chrysler, Not everyone wants their cars to look like a truck/Crossfire thing!).

  10. Everything flows together on this car. Come on Detroit, take a look at what is coming. Keep building those boring cars.

  11. Only thing I might change would be the doors: Make em longer(akin to the Scion tC’s longer doors on thier 3 door hatch).
    The boady is long and the doors alittle short(as if they were trying to decide if to make it 2 or 4 doors…alittle awkard).

    Lengthen those 2 doors a few more inches(3 or 4) and they’ll have it.

  12. in my lat post about 1 minute ago, i said lengthen doors 3-4 inches… the top photo, looks good as -is, the bottom, that is where it looks liek the doors are kin dof short for a 3 door vehicle.

    Anyhow, good going.

  13. After studying the “Macho”(sort of) styling of the new Avenger, and this Cee’d…. Hmmmm.
    I like the Avenger(it does look sporty enough), but this car is a good sporty vehicle for the masses( seems Chrysler is trying to get the guys to buy Avenger, where this could target guys, and women may like it , too).
    This Cee’d is not a “ladies car”, or ” a man’s only” type of vehicle(in looks, etc).
    It’s unique, sort of(plus, won’t this also have a GEMA engine in it?).
    If I had to take a chance, I’d go with the Cee’d( and the long warranty can only help with the choice, vs Avenger, for example… I know, this is a 3 door, Avenger a sedan, but read a coupe may become available on Avenger by 08).
    The interior of this smokes the Dodge(from what few shots we can see of both vehicles).

    I would not be “ashamed” to be seen in this car( but a different color, 😉 ).

  14. Anonymous said…

    the name is pretty gay though
    4:52 PM

    Actually, the name is pretty heterosexual. If it were gay, it would be as esthetically pleasing as the design.

  15. Well, I WAS all hyped, this(all true).

    I own a 2004 Hyundai Sonata GLS V6, everything but leather and abs. Likes: Everything but MPG(24-26, best was 27.9 MPG hwy). Shiftronic( automatic or manually shift the car yourself: ALL cars should have this, that aren’t manuals). Looks. Engine, tranny, stereo,driving position, GREAT. What I don’t like: Since March of 2006…. 1) July 2006(fixed after 3 visits, 65 miles one way to the dealership)… Passenger/Drivers side/window… needed new motor and gasket. 2) Today: Needs a new motor/gasket for passeneger/rear passenger window(sticking, won’t close, just like the drivers side/rear passenger,see 1 above). 3) door (power)locks messing up…. guy fixed it. Claims there were 2 screws Missing, and wiring was loose. He tried(service mgr) palming it off on the factory…but, for the first 22 months, never had an issue, until they repaired the first window(thuis, their guys messed up). 4) Door Gasket: Torn and starting to sag and hang! Will be fixed next week(along with window).
    5) AGGRAVATION: of running down there every few months for minor, irrirtating issues, and, Get this….. today, i was waiting in the showroom, and met a couple near 40 yrs of age. They were checking out that entourage Minivan(Hyundai), nearly 30K, 7 seater. They were not thrilled with 7 seats, or the msrp. I spoke to them on the floor( No salesman around, either)…. and told them if they wanted 10/100K, and a “Asian” minivan, for less cash, go to Kia(same engine as Hyundai). They had a sale 1,500 off….plus, if they wanted the 5 seater, could get it for 27,500(2K less than the minivan on the floor at Hyundai) plus another 1,500 off cash back. Thye had a 1990-something Honda minivan. They thanked me for my comments…and left shortly there after.

    10 minutes later….. Service mgr called me, and I was ready to leave(also had an oil change). Wellll. THE MOST BIZZARE THING HAPPENED TO ME ! The Sales Manager came up to me and went nuts(sort of). He asked why did I sabotage a sale!? I said they asked me about my Sonata, and mentioned they wanted a smaller(cheaper) minivan, and I said Hyundai/Kia= same company these days, but Kia has less features as std then Hyundai, and their dealerships are smaller than Hyundai(too small, just like Suzuki’s, like a used car lot). He then said’ Would you please let us sell our cars fron now on, we don’t need your help!” What a (insert words here)! After I get my car fixed next week, I’m calling the 800 number(yes, they do take action, probably wahy they were nasty with me, sinc ei called the 800 serivce number and demanded to see the factory Rep if my car windows aren’t repaired…the frist time, they “Oiled” the gasket…and said”it’s fixed!” Snake Oil way of fixing things!).

    Don’t Buy Hyundai/Kia…. nothing major happens, but who has time to take their cars in 2 times(once to be checked, once to get it repaired, when they get the parts in)every few months…. for nonsense that should not be happening! Our Scion tc has 62,000 miles(Sonata has 34,000 , about)…. and it is nearly perfect! Toyota(maybe GM, if they add more small cars that I LIKE), Ford(*Fusion, possibility), Chryselr(Avenger, maybe.. PT Crusier, depends on what they do to it fo rthe “new model” in a few years)…MAYBE Suzuki(Mitsuu, if they make the Eclipse lose about 500 lbs). That’s it. I’ve had it. Nice cars, but when you have sticking windows , due to bad motors in 2 years time, door strips /gaskets falling off at 33,000…. NO MORE.

    That Hyudnai is is great… my sonata had nealry 120K on it(99) and no issues… so maybe that GEMA engined Avenger won’t be too bad, afterall?
    Man… why did they have to Mess ME Over with mediocre parts, and an attitude tiwce too big!? I really wanted this car… Now?
    Just like GM(had simialr issues with a loser dealerhsip in 90, and horrible car parts failing every few months)….No Thanks, my trust is gone.

  16. this from . Has dimensions, but in MM’s…anyone know the conversion of millimeters to inches/ft?My only real gripe about Kia is their small dealerships)and are far and few in-between).Hyundai’s are “huge” in comparison.Hyundai might hit 480,000-500,000 sales this year, and Kia 300,000.Hyundai dealerships(even when they only had 90,000 units sold per year) always had more cars, and more service bays(than 1 or 2, like some really small dealerships).They need to fix this, then i will consider a Kia.

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