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One of the most stylish around.
Too bad the exterior shape is so bland…

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  1. what! no touch screen nav?

    acura should learn, people don’t like the big round multi-function button!

  2. It’s not the only button. In fact, the Acura RL’s navigation was in the top 5 for JD Power’s navigation ease of usage survey for 2005.

  3. take the MDX’s concept car interior and pair it with the Audi Q7’s concept car exterior (not that the Q7 has a bad interior. it doesn’t really match the sleekness of the ext). that would be an amazing vehicle style-wise!

  4. It seems the inside is much nicer then the outside.
    I never really cared for the look, especially the grill. It looks like a teenager in braces.
    They should have given the face more of a TL look to it. Maybe I have to be fair & see this person,

  5. You know I used to be one of those critics who keep on fussing about how the MDX look like the Q7 at the rear and it’s only because of the tail lights and nothing else, but now I realize that we never think of the RDX. Yes I now believe the RDX uses the same tail lights design. Hm…How could that be? I thought the concept of the RDX had these lights long before Audi uses them on the A4. So how come no one mention that before the MDX uses them.
    I think most of these critics are RX350 lovers and they know they are about to get their ass whip.
    Heck! I am an X5 lover and I just got my ass wooped.
    Let me see… The victims are.
    X5 (8cyl.),Cayenne also 6cyl. XC90(8cyl.).
    I did not put the RX350, because when it comes to the big boyz it doesn’t exhist. Maybe with the big girlz. LOL!!

  6. ill give it to acura the mdx is a huge improvement the last one was criticitized for poor interior desighn and quality, but this new one is at leasy stylish, the problem is all that “obviously” fake wood is gaudy, the new x5 isnt a huge departure but its interior looks overall much more high quality, the mdx could have been the new pilot and no one would have known the difference, or the new nissan murano for that matter, but again stylish suv, cool interior desighn, but still falls short overall of the head the “x5″……close but no cigar

  7. Anonymous said…

    I hate acura interiors, way way too busy. Make is cool and simple.

    Like BMW’s fussy and complicated iDrive? Not cool.

    But to each her own.

  8. i ahet acura interiors too (at least the new ones anyway) that HUGE fake wood (or aluminium) slab that goes from the center console to the doors gets scratched so easily. why cant honda make us something practical anymore (the fit notwithstanding)…

  9. Anonymous said…

    why cant honda make us something practical anymore (the fit notwithstanding)…

    You answered your own question. Honda can and it does.

  10. forget being scratched easy big pieces of fake wood like that havnt been in cars since gm had vinyl seats and huge wood veneers, and this car has even bigger pieces of fake wood. that is awful, and tacky, but hey its a acura guess its better to have no brand cache, boring desighns, and tacky overstyled interiors, than to be tasteful and all those things…..”its only an acura..”

  11. Great interior. The leathers and materials look amazing. I agree, however, with the poster who commented on the faux veneer. I have ruled-out purchasing vehicles because of fake wood, fake stitching and excessive plastichrome. If Acura wants to be considered a luxury brand, like Lexus, BMW and Audi, then they can’t skimp on the interior materials. I will say though, that Acura does produce a better quality fake wood better than others. But still, this vehicle wouldn’t be a consideration because of it.

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