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At least from what I see on this site, people really like it.
It is more atractive than about any midsized car offered in the US.

And it’s a Ford…

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  1. Vince,
    You posted earlier that you weren’t sure if this was the 5-door or 4-door. I think both images you’ve shown are the 5-door. Hatchbacks don’t traditionally sell well here, so I doubt we’d see it. but a 4-door sedan here would sure be the cat’s meow huh?

    I read a lot of posts here and I’m amazed that 99% of us agree. The cure for Ford’s woes is right in front of them. They have wonderful cars in EU and AU. Sure they are right hand drive, but I believe with a crash course effort, Ford could bring them here in under 18 months (remember,even though Ford wants them here, they still have to go through certification and such to be able to be sold in the US).
    Ford has enough cash reserves to last awhile, that and a massive marketing/discounted prices sale will sustain them until these new products would hit the shelves.

    I’d say Ford could be back in the black in 24 months if it really tried and got the products here ASAP.

    On a side note, want to know when this all started? Look up the Ford Puma and compare it to a ZX-2… You’ll see Ford screwed up years ago.

  2. The Puma was way smaller than our ZX2.
    I don’t think there would have been a market large enough in the state.
    But it was a great looking car…

  3. Hatches don’t sell in USA? Since when?
    Here’s some of the models that should hit 100,000 sales this year, or at least 90,000….
    Caliber, HHR, PT Cruiser(in fact, PT Cruiser/5 door hatch… is at nealry 95,000 units now, for August 06), and the Scion tC(yes, if sales keep going as-is, 90K is within range), Mazda3(don’t they have a wagon/5 door thing?),
    Scion xB should hit 50-60K units this year(Big success fo rthme at Scion-Toyota) and xA record sales of 30K plus, not to mentioN OVER 100,000+ for Toyota Prius(and a hybrid, no less). C’Mon, man, before making statements know what yer saying, cool? Thanks.
    Oh, add teh Honda Element( 5 doors on it, different style) 60,000 units.
    What about the Equinox( SUV, yes, 5 doors, yes, has a “hatch, Yes… iss it selling, Yes, same for most SUV’s).
    Not being nasty, but there are peopel buying cars , suv’s, and “crossovers” with 5 doors.
    Also, Hyundai/Kia Accent 3 door, adn rio 5 door selling fairly well, too.
    The FIT, the Versa, Yaris 3 door, and on and on i could go….
    Sedans rot when it comes to versatility!

  4. Hard to sell a mid size hatch in the US.
    The Mazda6 hatch is pretty rare.
    People over here accept hatches in compact cars more and more.
    But it’s another story for a larger car.
    The Mondeo is also available as a sedan anyway….
    Just like the Opel Vectra.

  5. is it just me or does this have some resemblance to the mazda6?

    i mean, look at it’s shape and curves. when i saw these pics, the mazda6 was the first thing that came to my mind…

  6. Don’t care what it looks like, it just flat out looks good. Maybe not “Jaguar”(some old school jags) good, but well above avg , better than many other 30-340K msrp cars in the States!
    Hey, they could do the “Suzuki” Forenza deal: A sedan, wagon, and 5 door Reno, all 3!!!!1

    Why not?

    Anyhow, doubt it will come here, but one can hope!

  7. The second gen Mondeo was a fantastic car america missed out on and now this third gen looks even better. What is Ford thinking? And don’t think for a moment that the Mondeo would cost more than an American made equivalent. The current European built 2006 Modeo sells side by side with the Fusion in Mexico. A 4 cyl Mondeo in Mexico costs $17,800 USD. The V6 is $20,000. The prices in Europe seem so much higher because they usually include a hidden sales tax which can be as much as %50. So Ford, whats your excuse this time?

  8. This thing is beautiful! Like a more angualr Audi. To do well in the US it’ll have to be a 4-door sedan and not this, which appears to be a 5-door. But this Mondeo appears to be a really sharp car. I could see this car slotting above the Fusion and competing easily with the best mid-sizers. At least in terms of appeal.

  9. There will be hatchback (station wagon), 5 door (shown in the pictures) and 4 door sedan models.
    Right hand drive isn’t a problem, the cars are to be made in Genk, in Belgium, where they drive on the same side as the US.
    So far one problem with selling EU model cars in the US hasd been that a large proportion are diesel, and the US diesel has too high a sulphur content. That is due to change soon, so you may see cars like the new Mondeo in 2 litre / 140hp / 40mpg guise.
    Similarity to the Mazda6 may not be coincidence. I think they are on the same platform.
    I’ve been driving round in these cars for a few months now, and it’s a nice vehicle.

    Anonymous Ford Test Driver

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