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Even more pictures of the worst kept secret in the world (at least for those of you who visit this site):
the next Toyota Corolla.

It might be the “japanese market” only model.
But the current japanese Corolla is almost the same as the one we have over here.
So the next one should be pretty close to this anyway….

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  1. But this could just be the sedan version of the European/JDM Corolla. This looks a lot like the current one.

    Our Corolla is the Altis in other East Asian markets, and I wouldn’t expect it to look like this. Not that I know, or anything.

  2. This new corolla is so conservative…and boring… It doesn’t even evolve from the current model…

  3. Why do you say it “might” be?

    This *IS* the new JDM Corolla, I can guarantee you that.

    And almost .. but no cigar. The current JDM Corolla has different from and rear ends from the US model, so it looks noticeably different.

    The USDM Corolla will have different front and rear ends, and be more aggressively styled.

  4. the top photograph is of the japanese corolla saloon. notice the square tailights. the bottom photo is the united states version, with more rectagular tailights meant to look like the lexus ls sedan’s.

  5. Too much like the current Corolla and I’d bet it’s not what we’ll see when the next Corolla is introduced in the U.S.
    If this is the next Corolla, Honda and Mazda will do quite well competing with it–at least in style.

  6. Hope they didn’t spend much on this, because it looks the same as the current one… every bit as staid and uninspiring. I can’t believe people buy these things.

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