New 2007 Fiat bravo

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These are official illustrations from some “internal document”.
Looks really nice.
And look! they even used the old Fiat logo in the grille.

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  1. Not bad.
    Will we see a version as Alfa Romeo in 3-5 years?
    Hope so(knowing my luck, it’ll come out,if they bring it here as an Alfa, about 1 month after my current car needs immediate replacing).

  2. Actually Vince, the old Fiat Logo has been used for some time now on the newer vehicles for the past 5 years or so.

  3. Small grille, clean styling.
    Anyone recall the CRX?
    USA could use a few of these cars in USA( like the 3 door tC, for an example).

  4. Man, the “old Fiat logo” is the “new Fiat logo” for a couple of years now^^
    This concept is judged to be realistic because it shares its general shapes with the new Lancia Delta, which with it will share the base. The next Alfa Romeo 148 should have comparable dimensions as well.
    Fiat cars are becoming sexy again, isn’t cool ?

  5. ^^ actually, I prefer this grille to the XK’s geometry-class oval/ellipse – which I believe is all J May’s fault (d-:)

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