New, but not all new, Hyundai Tiburon

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  1. anon1: thank you for using the proper “couldn’t care less” instead of “could care less”.

    anon 2: i agree with you. but it resembles the cougar in a weird way.

    it just seems like hyundai changed it for the sake of changing it. it doesn’t really improve the design. in fact, it worsens it for me.

  2. What the heck were they thinking? Is there anyone who thinks this looks better than the current design?

    Looks like the only good looking coupe under $20K left in the US is the Scion tC.

  3. They can reshuffle the deck all they want, its still a few cards short (those being RWD and over 200hp). Sorta a degradation this time though, the last Tib(2005/06 I think) was a whole lot better looking..

  4. Looks almost interesting – but they flubbed the front – should have kept the angles from the side going instead of rectangular/boxy fascia. WHY do mfg’s drop the ball/settle for merely OK so much??

  5. Why? The old one looked almost perfect! This looks terrible. Instead of investing in updates, they could have reduced the price, and sold more. This won’t help sales at all, what a waste.

  6. I think what this car needs really bad is an aftermarket bumper kit that mimics last year’s bumper and its good to go.

  7. Well it doesnt look that bad, hyundai is phasing out this car so they can put it on a rear wheel drive platform, but i do agree they should lower the price a bit.

  8. Please don’t kill me, but I don’t think it looks that bad. In fact, I think this post has really turned into a “if you hate it, comment here” kinda thing.

    At least, I hope I’m not the only one who likes it…

    I’ll have to say, though, there wasn’t much point in updating it.

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