New Ford Mondeo wagon

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So far they still call this a “Concept”
Take out the oversized wheels and some chrome bits and you pretty much have the wagon version of the next Mondeo.
They pulled similar tricks with the C Max and D max before.

It looks pretty nice. Nice enough to make anything in their US lineup look old…

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  1. WOW! that is a beautiful car…
    i was in europe last month and saw an s-max in person and i must say that it was pretty stunning in person. this new mondeo looks pretty similar, so i can imagine how good it’d look in real life…

    damn ford! bring THIS to north america! the fusion is a piece of crap!

  2. This car is just further proof of how stupid Bill Ford has been. He has an entire product line in Europe that could revitalize Mercury and really turn Ford around, yet they blindly continue to ignore a SEVERELY damaged brand.

  3. Vince, what’s the “D-Max”? Never heard of that one… If you mean the S-Max, then you’re completely wrong. The definitve car can be bought exactly like the concept, in every detail! Of course, the cheapest S-Max doesn’t look as sporty as the concept, but it still has some of its “special effects”.

  4. Why do they always have to take off the wheels and the chrome that they put on and people really like?? Leave that stuff on!!

  5. Looks like a mazda6 wagon to me. Those did not sell very well in the states…it only makes sense for Ford to sell the remaining parts a s a Mondeo right?…

  6. Ford believes (as do GM) that cars like Fusion, Impala etc. reflect “American tastes”. If that were true would they be broke? And what was Chrysler thinking with the new Sebring?

  7. i don’t think they will be taking those wheels off the car in production trim. if you look at the top of the line s-max, it has those EXACT rims, as does the euro ford focus ST. so ya…..

    ANOTHER beautiful car we wont get because ford is cheap.

    you know, i had a focus that i really loved/hated. dynamically, the car was brilliantly engineered. it was REALLY fun to drive, roomy etc. but the quality of the vehicle was SUCH a let down. so i went to the japanese brands, as many people do when they are let down by the americans, and i can’t say i’ll be going back anytime soon.

    ford is gonna go broke soon!

  8. To the point above, I agree. There is a reason that the Chrysler 300 is still selling well and has become iconic. Many have tried, but no other brand has managed to be successful marketing a bland sedan besides Toyota.

    This wagon is beautiful. It looks sportier than an Audi S4 Avant. Ford should really aim a couple tiers higher that their competition if they’re going to ever beat the competition. Build an S4 fighter and price it like a Camry or Accord! Ford really needs to be aggressive if they ever want to be the authority in this segment again. The Fusion is nice, but it’s not nice enough to pull people out of thier Japanese cars and Sonatas.

  9. “Family cars” are incredibly boring. Ford will bleed more, as today I saw three copies of the next Ford Escape (in funky wallpaper camo) at a truck stop in Marshall Michigan. Very little changed, new lights and bumpers, but looks too much like the old one they now sell. Lirttle hope for exciting north american consumers.
    Second time I’ve seen future vehicles at that place. They must like the greasy Hardee’s burgers.

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