New Tundra regular cab

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The basic model.
The one your pool guy might be driving.
I’m not much of a truck guy, but this looks as good as anything else to me.
It even looks American….

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  1. that thing looks awful the lines dont even match up, and the interior desighn is a little to odd, and that big silver plastic piece on the driver side is gaudy…….this is the truck that is better than the new silverado yeah right…

  2. The doors are way too big for me, and the interior? Atleast make the whole dash one color from door to door. It looks like The Phantom of the Opera!

  3. who care what it looks is not american.
    and it is anti american!
    this kind of crap is what put gm amnd ford in such troubles.
    girly guys buying a japanase truck!

    buy american drive american and be proud!

  4. The move lately is towards the Big Macho look. First Dodge, followed by Ford, and now Toyota. The new Chevrolet is attempting to do the same, but i think it failed. This Toyota is a copy cat rendition of others that have come before. To little, To late.

  5. yo anonymous,

    i totally agree with you that the lines don’t match up! everything from the a-pillar forward looks funky and sculpted while what follows looks like a dull slab!!!

    i agree with you, too, jw – the dash is visually distracting and not harmonious (at least phantom could sing?)

  6. Funny to hear some of your comments.
    This truck is 100% made in USA; designed & built in the US of A.

    There’s no way a stupidly big truck like this would be useful in Japan or any other countries outside the US.

    Because outside the US, trucks = blue collar = short sleeve = mid-to-lower class.

    Why trucks are popular here? Hmm, maybe the US has the most people with tiny penises?
    Douchebag’s probably as small as a pencil 😛

  7. We must all look up to Toyota because they are soooooooooo concerned about the environment. This Tundra really makes sense next to the Prius, mhm…

  8. Uh, it kind of looks like the last gen F-150, especially from the side. Not terrible, but a little weird. Too bad I have no use for a large truck (accountant in Tampa), I’ve kind of always wanted one, but could never justify the bad fuel economy & large bed I’ll never use… Too bad more suburban office types don’t have the same problem driving more vehicle than they need…

  9. The front looks like a blowfish. Overall, this is a clumsy and weak design that won’t likely appeal to truck buyers. Just because it’s designed and built in the US means nothing… it’s not a good design team and they clearly don’t know what they’re doing. Toyota needs to poach some of Ford’s and GM’s truck designers. I hear they’re probably looking for jobs anyway!

  10. It does look like the old F-150 with a nose from hell. Ford builds cars in Russia does that make Ford cars Russian? mmmm………

  11. more big nosed macho crap. i have the exact same model/colour in the previous gen and it strikes a perfect blend of fem to butch imo.
    i know girls who look like this truck, and i use the term ‘girls’ loosely.

  12. I am totally offended by the comments about shirt sleeves. I have short sleeves and drive a small Japanese car. Some of us choose not to spend money on foolish things like clothing that covers our wrists and German cars, but I certainly don’t care to be lumped in with the tube sock wearing American truck drivers, thank you very much.

  13. “Funny to hear some of your comments.
    This truck is 100% made in USA; designed & built in the US of A.”

    So? It’s a Toyota which means that it’s a Japanese company. One that uses primarily Japanese-owned suppliers. While it’s certainly good of them to employ a facility full of low wage assemblers, where a vehicle put together is only a small part in the scheme of things.

    ”There’s no way a stupidly big truck like this would be useful in Japan or any other countries outside the US.”

    Uh, wrong. Large trucks are very common in many other countries. Especially developing countries. Japan is a tiny country with tiny roads and cramped urban conditions. European towns and urban roadways are literally Medieval in design, meaning their roads are narrow and twisting. A large truck might be useful, but not practical.

    Because outside the US, trucks = blue collar = short sleeve = mid-to-lower class.”

    Even if your statement was correct, so? Most of the population in the world is what we would consider lower class. So using your reasoning, shouldn’t trucks be wildly popular? The answer is yes; trucks are popular in a wide variety of configurations. The reality is that SUVs and other style of trucks are very desirable in most countries. Hummers, Jeeps, Suburbans, Land Rovers, Land Cruisers and a lot of other trucks are very upscale anywhere in the world.

    ”Why trucks are popular here? Hmm, maybe the US has the most people with tiny penises?”

    Your penis comment is really stupid. Trucks are popular here because they make sense. The US, per capita, is the most productive country in the world. If a person drives a pickup it’s likely because they posses a skill and work in a trade where they need one. I don’t think we have to explain our preferences to anyone… Certainly not some mythical utopian country that knows all the “correct” answers about what vehicle to drive and how to live.

  14. That is one homely and ridiculous looking pickup. Has Toyota issued a recall yet? They should for its looks.

  15. geez many of you guys are soo one-track-minded… a car company comes along that puts a bit of style into one of the most blad segments of the automotive history and all you guys have to say is how this isn’t “american” and how it dosn’t comform with your melting pot mentality. man look outside the box.

  16. I like it.

    I think that most of you are in the minority and it will find its way into many households.

  17. Some of you seem to be thoroughly clueless about this truck … for example, the “weak” rims are basic steel rims, used by many other automakers. Take a look at steel rims from Ford, Dodge, or GM. This is a work truck pictured, so it’s all about substance over style.

    The market will decide the fate of the new Tundra, and most of us don’t know anything specific about it anyway to be commenting on it.

    Many call the Tacoma ugly, yet it is by far the best-selling midsize/compact pickup.

  18. But, JABU, dude…

    This truck is just awful looking. Not stylish, but an ugly and amateur-hour design.

  19. What is up with the dash design? I really wonder about that crazy LONGGGGG reach to the audio/climate controls. You’d have to have a 4-ft long arm to reach them! That alone would be a deal killer for me.

  20. judging how close the last tundra got to the sales of the americans i would have to say big joke to say this thing is a threat….not that a good truck couldnt be competition but toyotas full size truck are compromised, this one in particular looks awful interior and exterior. american or not. no matter if this is a toyota or not, again who cares its still ugly “how many recalls has toyota had this year” but u never hear about that or any of toyotas recalls on blogs just they are better cars….while the americans are trashed perception perception please……edmunds did a story about this and i would totally agree …get off the toyota drug yes the tacoma is a good truck even nice looking much better even than the colorado and ranger (this one big time) but the tundra is a disaster it looks like a caricature of a truck like one of those political cartoons picking on americans and big trucks, and compared to the cash cows at the american companies this thing looks like road kill


  22. Holy Fu@$ this is a joke right, maybe to throw us off till the real nice new one gets here… this ugly shitter for real??????

  23. Toyota, the “KINGS of RECALLS” still haven’t learned that their GM ways will kill them, Did you ever think GM would be in trouble? What brought them down….Poor Quality, now matched by Toyota (h=More recalls this year than any other company) and out-of-touch ugly design….DITTO!

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