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Here is one more picture of the “trunk” Corolla.
The one we might get…

Don’t you think they’re pushing the “conservative bit” a little too far

More later…

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  1. Oh yeah, thats worth the extra year long wait. It looks so very much better than the new Civic [/Sarcasm]

  2. I find it really hard to believe that this is the next Corolla. Vince, I know you get a lot of inside info but this car just looks so dated and conservative like they’re trying to compete with the Sonata with this. I’ve seen other possible Corolla pics that look more like the Yaris sedan and that seems more likely but this, this Corolla is a dud.

  3. New ’07 Corolla
    Like it or not this is one of Toyota’s biggest selling cars. New Corolla will sell in volumne like it always has. This design is typical Toyota “safe” however the current model does have good reputation, dependability and reliability.

  4. This is the new redesigned Corolla for 2008, that Toyota went “back to the drawing board” on? (AWKWARD SILENCE ENSUES)

  5. Is it just me, or is the general public beginning to realize that Toyota stinks? This car reinforces that reality.

  6. so they push back the release to redesign the corolla to better compete with the civic and this is what they do? Um.. how does this look much different than the current Corolla? that is the most boring car (current and new picture) I’ve ever seen..

    Toyota better watch out, Hyundai will out design them!
    This car was supposed to “out perform” design-wise the civic.. didn’t happen..

  7. I usually like Toyota (please don’t start any arguments), but I could put 3 boxes together and get better results! Hopefully it looks better in person.

    Hey, I just thought, is it coincidental that it looks almost exactly like the old Echo? HMMM… are they cheating even more than we think?

  8. wait…i thought toyota postponed the US release of the new corolla for a year because they wanted to modify the corolla’s design to better compete with the non-boring new civic (in addition to milking the current model one more year)?

  9. It’s supposed to look bland. The Corolla is bland. They want it to be non-offensive, and it will sell like crazy. If you want an exciting corolla, then you need to look at the Matrix.

  10. Vince,

    This has got to be the old Corolla redesign. This image isn’t correct.

    There’s no way this is the Corolla coming to the US.
    Ours will have a nose similar to the Yaris & Camry and be much sleeker.

    The whole reason for the delay in the new corolla is:
    1: Sales of the existing one have picked up since gas is more expensive
    2: Once Toyota saw the new Civic and how well it’s selling they decided to juice up the design. I’d say this image is BEFORE that.

    We’ll have to keep waiting until better images come along.

  11. Isnt this one for the Japanese market? If not mistaken, Toyota say that the other part of the world will have to wait for another year. And this “world” Corolla may carry another name back in Japan…. may still got hope 😀

  12. Isnt this one for the Japanese market? If not mistaken, Toyota say that the other part of the world will have to wait for another year. And this “world” Corolla may carry another name back in Japan…. may still got hope 😀


    This AINT the US. Corolla… its JDM Corolla… SO stop freaking out… maybe the doors and rooflines will be similar to the US. Corolla BUT the front and rear will be ALOT different.

    This sedan and the wagon that has also been posted will ONLY be sold in Japan no where esle

  14. Seems like another example of spending too much money for too little change. Why not just restyle the existing nose and tail? Toyota understands the marketing pull of “new” I must admit.

  15. doesnt it remind anyone of a 4 door scion tc? by any chance could this be a mistake and could this be the european model the scion tc is based on? i cant imagine that this is coming to the us. The solara has more style than this. it just doesnt seem possible to me this is really what we are getting since the new camry is so sick. this is a step back for toyota. i think the current corolla is better looking than this.

  16. problem is that old old corolla still outsells brand new civic :-).

    I wouldnt be worried, this is Japanese Corolla Sedan.

    US Corolla will probably look more like Camry.

  17. Awww…Man, No!
    This snooze fest better not be the next gen corolla.. about every car out in this general size range looks better( reno, elantra,spectra,focus,cobalt,civic,and the lancer looks more exciting,even).

    I read the reason Toyota’s holding off on products is due to their massive recalls(go see, from a few weeks ago, or any other site). I bet it’s true.
    They are trying to slow down production before their reputation is trashed(well, that never slowed down GM loyalists from buying the Cobalt).

    This sasys they wanna redesign the car, blah,blah, blah…

    I read on other blogs..etc… that is is due to Recalls! they want to cut back production to reduce errors upon release. Who knows? As long as it is Not this thing!
    mnakes the 07 Elantra looks stylish.

  18. This is the JDM Corolla. The Japan-only Toyota badge is visible. Dont expect much from the USDM as the JDM version and ours looked similar. I think these are the ones before they went back to the drawing board.

  19. Oh! so now they have to look at Ford’s chrome 3 bar grille and only use 2 bars ? at least the Fusion doesn’t look boring…..

  20. Vince, that weird Chery car you posted a week or two ago looked better(the one that looked like it should have 4 doors, but had 2?).

  21. This is the 10th gen JDM Corolla … NOT the US market Corolla, and NOT the Euro Corolla. The JDM Corolla has historically been the most bland of all Corollas.

    US will be getting a more aggressively styled model.

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