Nissan Qashqai

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Official pictures .
With 1.6 and 2.0 Liter engines in Europe.
No word on a US release yet…

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  1. X-Trail. Canada has been successfully selling the X-Trail that Brad Bradshaw negtiated to get there from Japan. U.S. Did not get it. Brad Bradshaw is Nissan U.S. President now (PS He is a good drummer). He will get it for U.S. too in spring ’07. This is the new ’08 X-Trail

  2. it’s actually true. Too many choices and at the same time, nothing perfect.
    It’s always tough to get a new car. Your thinking changes when it’s actually time to spend the cash.

    Cool designs don’t seem as important as when we surf the net for new cars.
    Most people become pretty conservative when comes time to sign on the doted line.
    And still… Compromises ….

  3. Wow, this looks much better in these clear photo’s then in the earlier blury shots. I sure hope this does come to the U.S. Nissan spyking thinks it will be here as the 08 X-Trail, I hope he’s right. What do you think Vince, is this coming?

  4. To me that would be a no brainer.
    Nissan has nothing against the RAV4/CRV market in the US.
    I say put the 2.5 Liter in here and bring it over.
    With the great glass roof!

  5. Yes, the roof will stay. In Canada, the x-trail has such a huge roof named “Pana-Roof”. Notice the hood bulges. Identical to Mercedes AMG versions.

  6. The first pics showed a manual transmission. Do you think this will come to the US with a manual? It’s sad that every new small suv seems to be an auto.

  7. There is one reason I can think of why this won’t come stateside… size. Yes that’s right, size. When they say this is a compact cross-over, they aren’t kidding. Take a look at the specs for yourself.

    All spec’s in inches.

    Length: 170.7
    Width: 70.1
    Height: 63.4

    Now have a look at the RAV-4 and CR-V spec’s

    2007 CR-V
    Length: 177.9
    Width: 71.6
    Height: 66.1

    2006 RAV-4
    Length: 181.1 (with spare tire cover)
    Width: 71.5
    Height: 66.3

    Hmmm looks like the Nissan is smaller then it’s supposed competiors. I don’t think this will fly with American buyer’s.

    Just for kick’s here’s the spec’s on Nissan’s own Versa.

    2007 Versa
    Length: 169.1 Hatchback
    Width: 66.7
    Height: 60.4

    What do you think Vince? Is the Qashqai too small for America, thus the reason it may not come here?

  8. If this is priced right, made in Japan for the U.S. spec model, I will be waiting at my friendly Great Neck, New York Nissan Dealer. I hope the Navi is standard or at the very least an inexpensive option. It looks really cool mated to the dash/HAVC area.


  9. That’s one unimpressive looking interior in the Murashqai. I hope the plastics are better than they look. And that rear blind spot! That’ll hurt sales.

    But it is soft and non aggressive.

  10. Absolutely Stunning!

    That roof is a must IMO. From a styling perspective, I think the Mazda is the only real competition for this car.

    Bravo Nissan. Well, only if you bring it to the US.

  11. The previous RAV4 was 420cm long.
    The new Nissan is 431cm long.
    That makes the Nissan a bit over 4 inches longer than the “old” RAV4.

    That is plenty for a car that doesn’t have a 3rd row.

    The Nissan will be produced in Japan as well as Europe.
    Japan will take care of the “other” markets.
    So there is some hope we might still see it here.

  12. maybe this will wind up being the fx20/25 (lower version of the fx35/45) that was rumored. I think it is a very nice looking truck and would sell well in the US. looks similar to the class the hyundai tucson/kia sportage is in.

  13. SUV is not a big seller now in the rest of the world, except America. In Japan, k-car dominate the sales chart. In Europe, wagon/estate/hatchback has the biggest market share even in premium level. So expect Nissan to sell Qashqai as soon as they can.

  14. Sorry Vince, my math was slightly off in regards to the spec’s on the Qashqai. My length was off by an inch. The correct length should be: 169.7 inches

    You are correct about it being larger then the “old” RAV-4. I looked up those spec’s real quick and for the sake of your readers, here they are:

    2005 RAV-4
    Length: 166.6
    Width: 68.3
    Height: 65.4

    That makes the Qashqai, 3 inches longer lengthwise, 1.8 inches wider and 2 inches shorter height wise.

    That’s not bad at all, but the problem is, as I see it anyhow, the Qashqai isn’t competing agaisnt the “old” RAV-4, it’s up agaisnt the new one. Even though the Qashqai doesn’t have a third row (as it rightly shouldn’t), when you look at the new CR-V spec’s (which also has no third row… I think?) it still comes out smaller. It’s also not much larger then Nissan’s own Versa. This may be fine for Europe and Japan, but I’m not sure about here in the states

    I have a feeling the “compact” crossover we’ll get in the states will probably look similar to the Qashqai, only larger, maybe about the same size as the new CR-V or slightly larger, but smaller then the “new” RAV-4. Maybe build it off the C-platform of the Sentra? (Does anyone happen to know what platform the Qashqai is based on?) I also think Nissan might try to stuff the current 3.5 VQ V-6 from the Murano into the higher end models with the 2.5 QR inline-4 as the base engine. At the same time this happens, the 2008 Murano will probably go onto the new D-platform and get the new V-6 from the Altima.

    As for the reader who asks if it’ll have an auto, the answer is yes! It’ll be offered with a choice of a 6-speed auto (yes I did a double take when I read that spec as well) or a CVT.

  15. The Murano is about 17 inches longer. I think the Qashqai is big enough for a small car based SUV.
    The RAV4 has grown a lot.

    And I don’t think they need to squeeze a V6 in there.
    Their 2.5 Liter has already more power than the 4s from Toyota and Honda.
    The V6 would be too close to the Murano. But again, Toyota offers a V6 in the RAV4 that is even more powerfull than the larger Highlander..

    What do I know…
    What do I know….

  16. If the 2008 redesign of the Murano does move to the D-platform of the new Altima and uses the new V-6 with it, then using the current V-6 from the current Murano/Maxima in the new small crossover would make sense. That way you’d have the base inline-4 with 160-175hp and then the V-6 option with 240-255hp. Meanwhile the Murano would have the new V-6 from the Altima pumping out 270hp. So the V-6 in the new small crossover wouldn’t be as “powerful” as the Murano’s or the RAV-4 for that matter, but at least the option would be there. As for what do you know, probably much more then me, you have a great web site going here. Me…. I’m just an average Joe Nissan fan taking an educated guess as to what Nissan might do next.

  17. Vince,

    I read some post saying that this will be made in England and shipped to Japan, but you stated earlier
    that Japan will have their made in their own country and for certain markets, what is tru?

  18. You are right.
    It will be exported to Japan from the British factory.
    Sorry, I was 100% wrong.
    But hey, that’s not the 1st time, right?

  19. douchebag you explained it yourself… the ford escape is good AND old while the qashqai is good and new

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