Official pictures of the new Ford Mondeo

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Makes you wonder what they even bother to show a “concept” version of the wagon version at the Paris auto show…

This is onw good looking family car, anyway.

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  1. I really hope Ford of US goes out of business. They deserve it. Why the hell can’t we get this?!

    Even if they don’t replace the Fusion, sell this thing as a Ford Mondeo at whatever price they need to be profitable, and see how well it does! Why do they think it won’t sell? Why can’t they just try and see what happens?

  2. Handsome automobile.

    Modern sedans have good sized trunks, but the opening is to small. Manufacturers should give all sedans with these lines a fifth door hatch, a la Mazda’s 6 five door. It would be so much more practical.

  3. This car looked good as a concept, but now I don’t find it too impressive. The back looks plain, and reminds me of the Infiniti Q. The car should have come out as the Ford version of the Mazda 6, a few years ago. I think the fusion looks better than this, but if it stayed like the concept, it would have been nice.

  4. This is the nicest Ford I ever seen, just bring it here
    and built it along the Mazda 6 in Michigan to save money.
    Vince, did Ford officially say they won’t bring this here?

  5. Well.. They never said anything officially. But they won’t.

    This would go directly against the US Fusion/Milan.
    I don’t see how they could market it here.
    They just should have waited and sell this one in both Europe and the US.
    Instead of developping 2 different cars.

    They seem to love wasting the money they don’t have….

  6. I feel your pain…

    When GM claims they ‘ll bring over Opels and rebadge the Saturn.. Well. Not quite that simple.

    I sat in a few Opel Vectras in Europe. The one that is supposed to have been turned into the Saturn Aura.
    I can tell you the Opel interior might be a bit boring, but the quality is light years away from the Saturn!
    The difference is actually quite amazing.

    But the Astra is supposed to be coming directly from Europe, so we’ll see….

  7. Just badge it Mercury then. TSX is nothing more than Accord EuroR, but people are buying it anyways. Ford is too busy to move their entire budget to Mazda and Volvo, they have completely forgotten the bleeding dealers of Mercury and Lincholn.

  8. this is a very nice car, especially for a ford, the funny thing is european fords have really been nice cars for awhile especially by comparison to the us line. maybe they are still having bad dreams from when they did that in the 80’s, with the “merkur” line of cars which were a couple of ford europes cars, maybe thats why they wont sell them here, but the cars have since improved alot since than…..

  9. Vince Burlapp said “…I don’t see how they could market it here.” — I say bring over the top models (Ghia,ST220) as the FOE Mondeo and sell them thru Jaguar dealers. No Jag badge or grille = a more honest replacement for the X-type. — btw, I read the car in the pix is a (fibreglass bodied?) pre-production used for the CasinoRoyale movie (Bahamas = location).

  10. James Bond will apparently be dirving this during part of the upcoming film when hes not in the aston dbs.

    I think its a terrific design. Im not a huge fan of the wagon version but this sedan model is astounding.

  11. I really like this car, but what with the new trend of making the bottom of the trunk lip part of the bumper? The next CR-V is the same way. Repair nightmare for a minor bump.

  12. The TSX may be “just” the Euro Honda Accord, but I’d be more than willing to give other Honda/Acura cars a chance if they were available in the US.

    I know the new Euro Civic hatch would cost more when compared to the US ‘Vics’, but the 3 door and the Type R hatch look HOT! (And this is coming form a person that hates hatchbacks)

    Is there a slight chance that American Honda can bring those here?

    Back on Topic.

    For some reason the Mondeo makes me think of the Acura TL. Looks cool for a Ford

  13. There are ugly black warts for the keyless go system on all of the door handles. BMW has figured out how to paint the buttons used for this feature, but no other manufacturer seems to be listening!

  14. Way better looking than the tl, drop the new v6 in this and they would sell 250,000 in the USA. Do you think ford remembers the USA?

  15. isn’t this (still?) a 5 door? I read on, they will have 3 versions: sedan,wagon, 5 door hatchback.And maybe(?) they could bring over a versions(as top of the line?) for Fusion(in a few years?) as a Fusion V(5).I dunno.Well, also from what I read, another cool car, the Pro-Cee’d ain’t for sale in USA(?).How come we get medicore to tolerable stuff, and overseas gets great designs?Never fails!And when they do bring over the European stuff(like Opel) Saturns(GM) kills the looks, to a degree(the Aura, saw one yesterday. They ugly-ed up the front end….and ti looked like, from side profile, any other vehicle out there, esxcept it costs a whole lot more than say a V6 Sonata, or Fusion, etc).Just like Anatara concept. saw a great looking 3 door Scion-Killer, and what did they do? They stole the last generation Santa Fe looks, and made it ugly as sin, and added 3 more doors.Who wants that(besides GM workers?).Like my friend said” if I want a Santa Fe, I’ll buy a Santa Fe, not a cheap looking imitation”.Do ANY of the companies really have a clue?

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