Opel Astra

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The Astra is due for a slight ‘facelift”.
The upcoming model is on top.

As you can see, it is barely worth it.

But hey! That’s the one we’ll get to replace the Saturn Ion.
So enjoy!

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  1. I like the one on the bottom A LOT better. Bring that one to the US… We’ll take the old tooling and put it in Springhill TN!

  2. As mentioned, Opel looks to be testing an independent rear suspension to bring the Astra to the same level of safety and comfort as its main rival, the VW Golf. But I guess that is barely worth it.

  3. Well, as per usual, GM messes with a cool car. This is passable, but that car you showed us, Vince, the one with the odd looking windshiled9that stretched into the roof liner, where a sunroof would be), 3 door(?), looks liek we get the”Mom and Pop” ride, instead.
    So much for hoping GM used their brains.

    They said Saturn is the “youth/import” conquest sales channel? Where? Not with this, they won’t get me outta my tC!
    Same for that “santa Fe part 2” vue they are bringing here( as you mentioned back in June).
    Where the Anatara 3 door? That vehicle would have stolen sales form Scion xB, element, etc… But, NOoooooooooooooooooo, the genius bob Lutz decided to bring us the world’s worst knock of f fo the last generation Hyundai Santa Fe.
    Save the sedans for Buick!
    Save the 5 door, mom and pop wagosn for Buick, or Pontiac.

    If they brin gmom and pop cars to Saturn, I dont’ care what they look like, I ain’t buyin’!
    Why trade down?

  4. Springhill had all the money and every opportunity to create a world class car. Instead, it sat stagnant and built the crap that almost destroyed Saturn. Why would a rehashed Opel prove to be any better?

    I’m hopeful, but not stupid.

    Best wishes, Saturn. You’re gonna need it.

  5. Anonymous no. 6: note the chrome—it’s Opel’s way of signalling a “single frame” à la Audi. That’s about all I can see that is different externally. (Man, I am the first person here who’s not anonymous!)

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