Peugeot 207 CC

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This e Pure concept is just a thinly disguised 207 CC hardtop convertible available in Europe early next year.
Take out the all white interior and the chrome, and you pretty much have the production model.

Another one we can’t get.

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  1. This is yet another example an oddly proportioned folding hardtop car. So far only Mercedes gets it right IMO.

  2. How does one say “ghastly” in French?

    My thoughts are, aesthetically, the driver’s positioning should be center or slightly behind the center of the car in a convertable. Front wheel drive cars look awful as convertables, it just doesn’t work out with that kind of packaging.

  3. i think its different, borderline ugly, but more different and unique, i dont think mercedes is the only one good at hard tops though, the xlr looks good top off or on, the g6, the sc430 (ugly top off looks good with its top up), that new miata, but yeah most are ugly the new 3 series shots ive seen look odd, it looks like one of those removable hard tops they used to have it looks funny

  4. Looks like it’s wearing braces with that gaping mouth.

    A hideous, horribly proportioned, and overwrought design as though a child would draw.

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