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  1. Hey Vince,

    If they ever imported a Smart Car here, what color combo’s would you choose (if you could have anything you wanted)?

    I think I’d have mine black & white, and I’d paint SWAT on doors 🙂

  2. I don’t see it getting out of first gear.

    With that said, I love the Smart. Wish we had them here in the States. They make so much more sense for city-dwellers slogging to the office or mall everyday than anti-American SUVs swilling as much gas as possible to ferry one soccer mom and her spawn.

  3. Well… They are supposed to bring the Smart over here maybe as soon as late next year.
    We’ll get the revised version.
    I don’t think it’ll be all new, but it’ll have a new front, rear, interior and a few new details.

    I saw one in dark metalic grey and it looked great.
    I think I could get that.

    But I hear the current models are pretty noisy and hard. And I’m not into that.
    I don’t need a 70’s Buick, but the roads are so bad in L.A, you do need just a bit of smoothness in the suspension to make up for the lack of road work.

  4. Vince, a person on my street has one, and they’re quiter than most cars (at least on the outside). They have a 3-cylinder engine. It’s deisel, but don’t worry, it doesn’t smell at all. Being in back of one is nicer than being in back of a Toyota Echo, which gets 42 mpg on gasoline. So there you go.

  5. I change my mind about quietness. At low speeds, they give that old-volkswagen-like putputputput. Quietly, but it’s still there. Other than that, I love ’em to death.

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