Renault Koleos

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Just a concept, sure….

Looks almost ready to me, and also looks like it is based on the Nissan Kashkai.
(Is that the name??? Still?)

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  1. The front 1/3 reminds me of an Outlander while the last 1/3 reminds me of an X5. Back looks wicked – nice ass!


  2. I am sorry every one, but this time we have to give some credits to Acura. The back looks exactly like the RDX. Finally some one is copying Acura’s design. Well, Toyota tried copying the CL before with their solara.

  3. It’s Qashqai and yes that’s still the name of it. Not that it matter’s, the states won’t see either of one these anyway.

  4. That should be called the SeaCow or Manatee – somehow all that bottom trim makes me think it should float – a new AquaCar?

  5. Just anothe “Me Too” car, nothing really innovative. Looks a lot like that Daewoo thing that Chevy will be selling overseas.

  6. Is this the new Pontiac Vibe version of the next Toyota Matrix or is this a clone of the 2007 Acura RDX? Either way, a new Nissan version of this platform is evident!

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