Renault/Dacia Logan Wagon

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Finally the wagon version of the cheap and surprisingly popular Dacia Logan.
The sedan starts at 7500 Euros and tops at 10500.
So expect the wagon to be just a bit more.

Cheap, especially for Europe.
The sedan popularity turned this dorky looking car into something almost hip.
The wagon has an even better chance.
Don’t you want to be with these cool people who spend more money one their clothes than their cars?

Seats 7 too!

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  1. Rear styling is too square. It’s too small to have a useable third-row seat, so the long rear doors are pointless.

  2. well, the Logan is designed by Renault , I believe it is based on a slightly modified Modus platform. it is not a Nissan : )

  3. If “Ugly Betty” were a vehicle(and not just a new tv show)… this would be it! 😉

    Watch out Scion xB……!

  4. This thing’s not cool, so who are they trying to fool with “young ” people , laughing and having fun, IN THIS!?
    What youth (anyone, really) would wanna be seen in this?
    I guess if it were free transportation, and your parents got it for you, it would beat walking(barely).
    Is this the “after” picture of an HHR crash test?

  5. It’s not based on the Modus. The Modus is based on the current Clio platform, this is based on the previous generation Clio. As far as it being rubbish and uncool; the things dirt cheap and is sold mainly in poorer countries where it’s selling very well. It’s not supposed to have soft touch plastics, great performance or looks! Stop judging it like you would a BMW! You wouldnt call an SUV trash because it wasn’t as fast to 60 as a supercar would you?! This car is more than fit for purpose! You guys are just missing the point!

  6. An anti-thesis to inefficient SUV and a minivan. Whats not to like. It’s bourgeoise appeal seals the deal.

    Perfect vehicle for a young family with a kid or two and a dog. Can pull the airport duties if need be for the occasional visitor or two as well.

    It will obviate any 5 seater non-offroading and non-boat pulling frame on ladder SUV. Ditto to a dowdy minivan which is overkill for most families that dont have 7 members to haul all the time.

    But ofcourse above is the reason why vehicles such as these will not be sold by SUV peddling NA automakers.

  7. Hey, pass me the ugly stick, I want to go finish on the new Honda CR-V.

    Just like someone did on this thing…

  8. What is odd is the side profile, albeit odd, is intriguing.
    It is not quite minivan or suv or crossover, even.
    Looks better than the Sebring or the Aztek.
    It probably could(maybe tweak the front end some, fix the saftey features for USA standards,etc..?) sell in USA?
    xB does well, and it sure is not the hottest looking vehicle this side of a Corvette!
    People would notice it, too(good or bad, they would notice it).

    Call it “the Frugal”(or the “Froog” for short?).


    Lots of things have sold in the past that were odd( anyone ever see or hear about the amphibious cars of the 60’s?… i saw one when i was a kid in the 70’s, and it had propellers under the bumper area…!).
    So..who knows? They could use the line” The World’S Cheapest-But Cool- Sporty Utility Car!”
    Add propellers, for those days ya wanna take 5 people on a boating trip on the lake!

    Or do like Buick, and add “port holes” on the front fenders, for a “cool” old-school effect 😉

  9. I would buy this, just to tick off my GM people in my area( 13 out of 15 homes).
    I’d install a 360 watt stereo, too, lol!

  10. I’d buy one, to anger my GM loving neighbors(13 out of 15 homes), and I’d put in 360 watt stereo, and play so “experimental rock”….(they love country.. nothing wrong with it, but, if it ain’t Johnny Cash, not thank you).

  11. It shore ain’t very purdy. (and that interior is one of the worst, cheapest, ugliest designs in decades. Reminds me of early Hyundais.)

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  13. Well smart people this is a VERY cheap car and what would you expect for 7500 euros? And NO it isn`t russian. It`s romanian.

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