Suzuki SX4 Sedan

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An abomination is what this is.
I never saw anyone trying to turn an SUV design into a sedan. And I hope I’ll never see it again.
What’s next?
A Highlander sedan from Toyota?

And of all the new cars covered here, you know this one will probably make it into the US…

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  1. With the exception of being fodder for rental fleets, I fail to understand how the automakers conclude that tiny sedans are a better choice than hatches and, in this case, a mini SUV. There isn’t a consumer alive who would choose this over the SX4 5-door. This isn’t 1992 – a time when hatches were dead.

  2. This looks a lot better than the wagon version, I would definetly choose this one instead of the ‘SUV’ one.

  3. It is not a bad design. I would rather have this then any Korean brand and it is nice that it has AWD.
    But personally, I think the wagon is a little nicer looking.

  4. Saturn Ion meets Toyota Echo AND gets hits with the SUV Ugly Stick ™. What on Earth is with the shape of the window between the A-pillar and sideview mirrors?

  5. I’ll stick with Korean Hyundai and Kia brands. Forget Daweoo/GM-DAT (like some models Suzuki sells).
    I prefer Larger, better MPG, quality vehicles.

  6. I saw their test team in Baker, CA two weeks ago. The car was still masked. I thought the front window design was part of the masking… can’t believe it is real design. It looks very odd.

  7. Suzuki may also need a larger sedan then this to get more recognition for family owners, but I think
    they have done a great job in such a short amount of time. The SX4 sedan should have been a little longer particularly in the rear, but this car does in deed look
    Suzuki just needs to make their dealership match Hyundai/Toyota/Honda and this brand will strike magic,
    I am seeing more Grand Vitaras each day.

  8. Vince,

    This SX4 was based on a car to begin with, so it only made sense to add 2 more doors.
    The Highlander on the other hand is not car based.
    Now if they were going to make an FJ Cruiser sedan, then I would say Toyota is nuts, but then again look at Mercedes for doing crazy things to their SUV and make
    an ugly R wagon…Yuck. People spend $ 55k on this
    and it is just a Pacifica with a fancy emblem.

  9. “This SX4 was based on a car to begin with, so it only made sense to add 2 more doors.”
    The SX4 already had 4 doors. They didn’t added any doors to make it a sedan. (?!?!)

    And the Highlander IS car based. On the Camry.

    I know it’s Friday, but it’s pretty early to start drinking.
    Wait.. No it’s not!

    I’ll be right back…

  10. Vince Burlapp said…
    “This SX4 was based on a car to begin with, so it only made sense to add 2 more doors.”
    The SX4 already had 4 doors. They didn’t added any doors to make it a sedan. (?!?!)

    And the Highlander IS car based. On the Camry.

    I know it’s Friday, but it’s pretty early to start drinking.
    Wait.. No it’s not!

    I’ll be right back…

    7:41 PM

    LOL… best comment this week!

  11. here’s some “wild ideas” for Suzuki.
    They should have made this car about Reno-sized, then bumped up the Reno from the Yaris sedan sized vehicle, to maybe more like the current Civic, Corolla, or Elantra sized vehicle( maybe add a 3/4 quarter of a foot to the Reno/Forenza sedan).

    Drop the 155HP Aerio I-4 into the Reno/Forenza, and the keep this model 143HP, the SX4 wagon/sedan.

    Drop the Verona( this thing sells less than 1000 units every month, from what I have seen on, the past few months).
    They need a new midsized sedan, and more than 155HP.
    Maybe drop that Grand Vitara engine in it?
    Saves $$$ on R&D for a totally new engine right there.
    One last issue: Their delerships are almost non-existant.
    In some areas, there are 4 dealerships, such as Indianapolis, IN. Look elsewhere, hardly any.

    The ones we have in SW Ohio are not good.
    One shares the “showroom” with motorhomes!
    Another has maybe 35 new vehicles on the lot, which is smaller than many used car lots.
    Who wants to drive 110 miles to Indy for a new car, and then if you have issues, Hope that these tiny(nearly useless) dealerships do not fold, if you need warranty work done!
    Who wants to drive 220 miles round tirp for warranty work?
    No me!

  12. What’s up with the mirror tint? Drivers ashamed of being seen?

    Still, it looks better than the new Corolla…

    but that’s not saying much.

  13. We should be drinking to look at your ugly teeth.

    No! The SX4 is really a 5 door wagon. The SX4 sedan is now seen really a 4 door. Vince do the math with the missing your missing teeth. 2 + 2 = 4 = sedan
    2 + 3 = 5 = wagon
    And where do you have proof that the Highlander is a Camry?

  14. Ford Five Hundred is on the same platform as two SUVs (Volvo XC70 & XC90) but it’s not necessarily based on them. They’re all spun off the same platform.

    I prefer the SX4 Hatchback, by the way.

  15. But Suzuki already has the Aerio! And even if they wanted another very similar model, WHY the SX4 in stupid-form? Perhaps they will release this one first as an Aerio replacement, then call the other one the “SX4 Wagon”

  16. Dude,

    There is no more Areo(spelling). The SX4 wagon replaced it
    and the new sedan is taking over the GM sourced Dawoo cars or whatever the name is(Reno, Forenza)
    The XL-7 will also be replaced even though it is still not sold yet for more of a Suzuki based model. This
    was still being developed during the days when the company was under their stupid control.
    Expect positive and a fresh identity with the Suzuki brand.
    Mazda and Suzuki are the only Japanese car companies where most of the production is still
    made in Japan, so I like that!

  17. Makes me think of the last Toyota Echo, which was a cute hatch but a pug-ugly sedan. You Americans only got the sedan I think. Don’t know why sedans still get preference over hatches over your way. Is it bad market research? Overdone sfety perceptions? Pinto memories make bootless cars scary for some?

  18. That’s one ugly car. Maybe it won’t be for western markets. Is that Chinese lettering on the trunk? Let’s hope it stays out in Asia.

  19. It’s supposed to be an economy sedan, and that’s what it is. There is a huge market for this segment.

    At least it looks better than a 2005 Sentra.

    It is what it is.

  20. This car is not in the same size/class/catagory as the Reno/Forenza(someone had stated this is it’s replacement, the sedan?).
    It has been Rumored that the next gen(or “reskin”) of the Forenza family(wagon/cool looking 5 door Reno/sedan) will not be from GM-DAT.
    Who knows?
    Aerio comes(or did) in 2 versions: Sedan and Wagon: This Sx4 comes in 2 versions: Wagon, and possibly, the sedan.

    At least it’s in sedan form!
    There are enough 5 door everything out there(too many for me), so there is a group who will want this.
    I would not mind if it came in FWD only, and offered the new AWD/FWD system as optional(maybe make this car 13K with FWD, and 15K, loaded up like the SX4 wagon).
    I wonder, if it was FWD only, would MPG go up from the rumored 30MPG hwy(or the perhaps heavier AWD SX4 wagon)to maybe 32-34.
    That would make it more competetive in the MPG/small car wars(at least against Aveo,and even Focus and Caliber, which is supposed to replace the an SUV replaces a Neon, I don’t know….and even against Versas 36MPG, 32-34 would look better than 30).
    They also need to work on their(nearly non-existent)dealership network.
    Most are the size of a small, local, used car lot!

    If it is decent, NVH, 0-60, MPG, MSRP, I’d consider one.

  21. It’s not bad. My problem is that this thing is SMALL!The smallest vehicles I may ever consider, AWD, 4wd, FWD, etc… would be maybe something the size of the Reno, from Suzuki.It will sell. Looks better than that Sebring, or possibly even the Dodge Avenger R/T !If this were more along the lines of a 3 door hatch or the 5 door Reno(looks like a coupe, sort of, but has 5 doors, and no wagon looks!), and 17K…. then we’d be talking higher sales.Hey, for the Korean car hater: to digress)….Anyhow:I want Suzuki to thrive, but i do not know if this will help, when 5 doors, 3 doors, are selling.

  22. Vince:from what I understand, isn’t the Ford 500 built on a Volvo SUV platform?Yes, it is, according to this: 500 is not a bad car, but it feels like a boat, when you try to manuever it in a parking lot, but it is not a gigantic vehicle. Maybe the SUV platform’s the reason?Maybe the Suzuki will not be bad?I know a few people who want this car meets truck,(AWD capable?) but gets 30 MPG deal. I’m not one of them, but , there are some out there.I await the 07 “new” Reno(sporty model) and the new 08 Sedan, sporty(both supposedly Suzuki built, or at least, engineered…look at Edmunds, Intellichoice, etc, for future vehicles, thaey all say about the same).That’s the ticket. FWD is good enough for me.

  23. this link is correct:it states that the SX4 was intended as an SUV all along, and not a car, then turned into an SUV.I have heard rumors of it being a stretched Swift, with AWD added, and larger engine?Anyhow…. carry on.

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