Twingo Concept

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A thinly disguised Concept showing us the upcoming production version?

But I am quite surprise this one doesn’t really match the spy shots of the new Twingo we’ve seen so far.
Especially the front end.

And besides the logo, nothing here really says Renault. This could pretty much be from anyone…

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  1. It doesn’t look like the spyshots/previous illustrations because Carlos Ghosn, the big boss, decided that the car was to ugly to be released and that designers had to start again from zero!

    Do you guys know the twingo? It is a French HUGE best seller, kind of modern beettle (a real one, not the VW toy for rich students or barbie girls). A lot of pressure is on the next one.

  2. Actually, this is better than I expected. The spy shots looked fugly!

    I heard this is a preview of the next Nissan Cube

    Well, doesn’t look too cube-ish from the front!

  3. If Nissan doesn’t rebadge this car and bring it to the US, then I will just have to move to Europe!

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