VW Golf Plus Cross

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  1. Golf+ is the answer to the question nobody answered. All the extra room is above your hear which means its useless. I saw a few in Spain. In person the proportions are all wrong and when you see it next to any ordinary hot hatch like an Ibiza or Leon it looks even worse. You can already get a regular golf with the 2.0 tdi/4motion so whats the point? Maybe if they brougth it to North America it might actually sell… not that VW would ever give a second thought to this market.

  2. the ‘point’ is rough & tumble cosmetics. what’s the point of the CRV & RAV4, you can’t take them off road…

  3. It’s not a bad idea… you sit higher in the car, you feel safer, and you have more space. (The seats are also higher so more leg room)

    Same idea as Toyota used on the Yaris… and on the scion xB (at 6’2”, I can stretch my legs sitting on the back seat.)

  4. What has happened to Volkswagen interior designers? Looks like they farmed out this job to GM with all those stupid Pontiac vents.

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