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Mostly a new front end for this Europe only VW.
It seems to share its new headlights design with the new Sebring.

That should make it easy to rebadge a Dodge minivan as a VW next year. They won’t even have to change the lights…

That brush metal on the dash would be a welcome addition in the Rabbit/Jetta interior. Anything that could make it just a little more attractive would be an improvement.

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  1. Who knows…
    A lot of VWs are.

    In the US at least, Chryslers are rated much more reliable than VWs.

  2. Yes it is. Its one of the most boring car in the planet. But now it has a nose with some design in it. The Sebring has nothing to do with it. Just look at the Polo, Passat en Eos.. they all have the same kind of headlights

    The grille looks ugly. Its a half chrome grill..

  3. I drove 1500km though europe in one of these about 3 years ago and I absolutely loved it. Had 7 seats, 6 speed manual, 1.6 FSI. It was the base model rental car at the time. We got 37mpg. Enough said.

  4. Ford C-Max and S-Max look much better than VW. Keep this on the east side of Atlantic, and bring us “American” brands from Europe.

  5. i wish they would place the nav screen higher on the dash (swap with the rotary switches). otherwise the design looks good for a minivan !

  6. Hrmm… I’m not sure if I like how the entire lineup of VWs have basically 2 front face design… the one that looks like Passat, and one that looks like Golf.

    Audi is guilty of doing the same thing. I mean, design jobs at VW must be very boring.

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