Xiali C1

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Another day, another Chinese car.
It almost feels like we’re somehow living in another dimension. All these Chinese cars coming out, all the time.
Just a few years ago, we never heard anything from this country.

This one looks pretty nice. Not the most modern looking thing, but still.
At least it’s not all weird and super cheap looking like many others…

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  1. While this is undeniably one of the better looking Chinese products, it looks suspiciously similar to the Proton Savvy, without the weird window treatment.

    And the name “C1”? Are they kidding? So it’s Malaysian “inspired”, has a French name, and is Chinese.

    It’s the UN on 4 wheels, people!

  2. By the look of the front, I hardly think it’s too good in the looks depart. I like the colour of the interior, but the plastic looks VERY, VERY suspicious to me. Just like I expected!

  3. Well, the outside lookslike an older Rabbit/Golf. The interior maybe 5-10 years behind, but nothing too horrible.

    I looked at the panel gaps the best I could, on these pictures, and it looks better than some G5’s and that Cobalt(from June) you had on here!

  4. It looks too generic, too bland..

    And I bet that it will get low scores on the crash test, just like the other chinese cars.. They’re only worried about pricing, nothing else..

  5. the chinese still have a long way to go, they may have the looks, and the price but safety is still a long way behind. in recent tests chinese/indian cars are the only ones still getting the inaugral 0 stars in NCAP

  6. Wow. Now there’s innovation for you. It’s a mild freshening of a ’95 Golf… and they even got some cost out by foregoing an attractive interior. Look out Toyota.

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