Yoyota Auris

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Just a concept.
But take out the yellow paint and some of the crap outside and there you have it:
What we used to call the “Euro Corolla”.

But no more Corolla, at least in Europe. Auris sounds almost like Yaris, a big success in Europe for Toyota.

These pictures actually show the stuff I posted earlier was pretty accurate. Right?

A 3 door version of this might still make it in the US…

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  1. Is it just the picture, or it looks like an ugly brother of Yaris? The interior is okay, but the exterior is just on the edge of abomination.

  2. It looks great, and the interior is nice too. Even though I dont buy economy cars, I wouldnt mind this for running around town.

  3. Yoyota – a Chinese knockoff of Toyota?

    A Chinese knockoff would probably look better than this turd…

  4. Aurum is the Latin name for “gold”, which explains where the car’s name is derived from, as well as it’s gold paint.

    And sorry Vince, but wrong. Those grainy pics you posted before were what seems to be the JDM models of the Auris, or whatever it will be called in Japan.

    This Auris concept here has different front and rear bumpers, not to mention different taillights and headlights. Expect the edgier bumpers, at the very least, to make it into production.

    Small differences overall, but it makes this look a lot better than what we’ve seen in pics.

    As they say, “the devil is in the details”

  5. I would not mind a 3 door “corolla”.
    The binnacle(?) looks too odd.

    At least it looks different…. in my area, it would not get lost in a sea of look-alikes(especially since most stuff here is pontaic or chevy).

  6. This would make a great Matrix! It is less minivan like than the current Matrix and still has an edge (as far as the usual conservative Toyota designs go).

  7. The Toyota Auris sounds like the Yaris and even features design elements similar to the Yaris particularly with the front end with its bulbous hood, oversized headlamps and grille with prominent emblem.

  8. German microsite of the new auris concept car: Actually, since it’s on toyota.de, it’s actually Danish (for all the smart people, that means from Denmark).

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